Torrey Davis - Re-signed By Hamilton

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The Tiger-Cats have re-signed import defensive tackle Torrey Davis, the team announced today.

Davis, a 6-3, 298-pound native of Tampa, Florida, started all 13 games he appeared in last season, registering 16 tackles, one tackle for a loss, one quarterback sack and one blocked kick.

The Jacksonville State product was traded to Hamilton from the Calgary Stampeders on September 5, 2012. In 29 career CFL games, Davis has recorded 52 tackles, three quarterback sacks and two tackles for a loss.

Ticats Sign DT Myles Wade

The Ticats also announced the team has added import defensive tackle Myles Wade.

Wade, a 6-1, 300-pound native of Portland, Oregon, spent time with the Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders and BC Lions last season after stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions in 2012. In his senior season at Portland State, Wade made 30 tackles, five tackles for a loss and two quarterback sacks.

I'm very pleased to see Torrey Davis back in the fold. Hoping he has a career season. :thup:

Welcome back Torrey!!!

Ii like it a vet if a rookies gonna win he's gotta earn it

Glad to see Torrey back and I hope he's ready to work on the conditioning issue, if there ever was one. :thup:

With Davis back and Wade signed and Moore already on the roster,it's going to make for some interesting competition in T.Camp to see who lines up next to Bulcke in the interior next season.Remember that Moore started the season as the starter,before giving way to Davis in game 6 due to injury.It seems like Austin in most positions on D is three deep in depth at every position.I can't wait for T.Camp to open this year,absolutely LOVE the signings that Austin has made to improve the club this off season. :thup: :thup:

I like the signing a lot. While I could be wrong and it is always hard to tell because of the way CFL teams use the injury list, the way I remember it was that Davis was injured at the start of the season. When he came back, he started, and the Cats were better, particularly against the run.

I seem to remember Davis being injured at the start of the season as well and when he came back he wasn’t in very good game shape. It was hard for him to remain in for every play.

Regardless, I too am happy to see him back. :smiley: I was beginning to wonder if Austin didn’t want to keep him. Does anyone know if he was checking out the free agency market (here of down south)?

Yes, and that was when we started to see how good Hazime is.

Torrey's injury had nothing to do with him not being in good shape. He possesses the natural ability to be a superstar, but he just doesn't have the work ethic. It was evident in 2012 and it was evident again last season. Davis is only 25 so there may still be some room to grow in terms of his performance on and off the field, but i'm not holding my breath.

with teams beginning to make money again it is not such a strtch to be 3 deep at certain positions and be able to keep almost everyone. Wih the 9 game IR being used a lot more to keep players under contract and with the team. Really no such a bad thing. 18 games is a long season and during the corse of those games older players may not hold up as well, injuries will, happen, Rookies may need a bit more seasoning but the PR makes the avaiable to other team, or maybe no it is just a matter of bringing a fresh body in for the second half of the season.
Hamilton will be one of the teams that wil be seeing a complete turn around in profits. The deal they have with the City and Tim Hortons with the naming rights leaves a lot of money to be made on game day and other events.
Excellent heads up move by selling naming rights to the Coors Light Patio, and Seagrans lounge.
Also what should be sold out Suites and VIP resturant etc are also brand spanking new stream of revenue that did not exist.

Godd thing too because I can see Austin keeping as many players as possible somewhere on the team under contract.
Austin also subscribes to the theory that you can never have too many QBs, last year keeping four and then 5 on the roster after final NFL cuts.