Torrey Davis #99

Don't see him on the roster. CFL. ca free agent tracker still shows him unsigned but still with Hamilton.

Anybody have any news on him. Thanks.

Unsigned Free Agent as of now. Here's a good synopsis on his prospects.

11. Torrey Davis – Defensive tackle – Hamilton Tiger-Cats Davis has spent the past three years as a rotational player with the Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders. At the age of 25 he is poised to break out if a team gives him an opportunity to play. He will likely have to wait until the dust settles with others at his position before receiving a contract, unless a team gets impatient.
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At the right price he could be a good resigning.

Looks like St. Laurent will wait on NFL chances and Gaydosh is still down south - both NIP.

Appears that Laurent will wait to see how work-out(s) with NFL Team(s) go over the next little bit before deciding. He's is a good position that if an NFL Team doesn't offer him up-front 's, he can expect very good 's from a number of teams here in Canada.

Gaydosh was IR-Waived, cleared waivers, then put on full IR with Carolina. They've paid him all season & offseason and managed his rehab and expect to have him back in camp this coming August. Don't expect to see him anytime before Labour Day if at all back here in Canada and in a Hamilton uniform.

Head coach Ron Rivera told QMI Agency Friday the team has high hopes for Gaydosh.

"He's on injured reserve," Rivera said. "He slipped a disk in his back. It pressed on his sciatic nerve. He was having some trouble and had to have surgery.

"He's a young man we like. We think he has potential and ability, we really do. That's why we talked to him and opted to put him on injured reserve, to have the back surgery and get him back to 100%."

Gaydosh turned 23 just last week. Like other Canadian university defensive linemen scooped up by the NFL in the past two years -- such as University of Regina's Akiem Hicks (Saints) and Stefan Charles (now on the Bills) -- the only significant thing Gaydosh lacks is moulding.

"I agree," Rivera said. "Because we have always said, if he matures as he gets better he's going to be a good football player.

"This is kind of like his redshirt year. We have him in meetings, we have him working out with the strength and conditioning folks, and he's just getting stronger and stronger. We're pretty excited about who he can be."

8) The Cats are not really interested in re-signing Torrey Davis.
   It was brought up a couple of times during this past season that he was not in great game day shape, and that he was 
    blowing up a lot of the time on the field, during games !! (meaning he was completely gassed out)

Yep. Davis has always been a guy with absolute tremendous potential. And when he's in shape and focused, an absolute beast. But getting into and staying in shape and being focused, reaching and sustaining that potential has always been his problem.

Don't the Raptors have a point guard with the same problem? Does the name Kyle Lowry ring a bell?

That's a very good point! But KLow seems to be stepping it up this season ... which is a contract year of course!!!

I think some of the knock on Davis is because he came back from injury after missing the first few games and was not in great shape. But the Cats were way better against the run when he was in there and his return helped turn their season around. I hope he is re-signed.

Another one of our players for the REDBLACKS.

The big question here that no one seems to have asked is if the Cats are indeed not interested in resigning Davis,then who do they replace him with???? As it stands right now on the current roster for import DL there is only Terrence Moore and Craig Marshall that are big enough to play the interior.Both are very similar in size....Moore...6'3" 290 lbs/Marshall...6'4" 290 lbs.
Moore started out the season as the starter,but lasted only 4 games before being injured and 9 gamed for the season.Marshall was in and out of the lineup most of the season,maybe dressing for 5-6 games as well.So do the Cats go with one of these two or maybe bring in a few FA from Stateside for training camp via NFL cuts or undrafted players to replace Davis? Late in the 2012 season the interior of the Line saw Davis and Moore both starting at the tackle positions,but with the FA signing of Bulcke last year,the Cats changed up their ratio from a D-Line of 4 imports to a 3 import 1 Canadian configuration.The team has good depth in Canadian linemen with Hazime,Nadon,Fortin and perhaps Atkinson to go with Bulcke and 2 young ends in Boudreaux and Norwood.The depth chart as it stands right now,seems set except for the opening left by Davis at the one tackle spot.I thought along with others that perhaps the team would sign FA Laurent and go with a line ratio of 2 and 2,but as everyone knows with Laurent seeking NFL offers that it never materialized.So what does everyone think....who do ya figure replaces Davis at Tackle???? :?

Current D-Lineman on Roster(11 total,6 Cdn/5 Imp)


Great points bobo.

I guess it's a question mark going into camp with the status of St. Laurent - longer shot on Gaydosh - re-signing Davis or new import DTs to compete for the spot.

If I had a magic wand I'd put Mike Walker and Mike Philbrick in a time machine and get them back on the field!!!

Was there any thought of picking up Will Ford as a kick returner?????? He is excellent at that.

Yes he certainly is!!!!!.....But this thread is about Torrey Davis who at 300lbs plus isn't going to be returning kicks anytime soon for anybody. :lol: Besides the Cats have numerous applicants already on the roster as kick returners...Banks,LaMar,Moore,Jones not to mention the newest Cat Koch.The team is well represented in that category.The question on this thread is who will the Cats audition to fill the role at DT,replacing the departed Davis on our starting front four???

If we cant sign Laurent I would like to see them go with Bulke and Hazime as starters. Hazime played well when he was in last year. And it would allow us to start another import on offence, Making the 7 non imports go 4 on D and 3 on O :cowboy:

If he could run a 4.4, then he would be one heck of a returner!

Davis' replacement should it be another import will most likley be a new CFL player who has bounced around the NFL and ran out of options. In this day in age that is how most new CFL players who can make a splash in the starting line up are NFL Free agents. With Bulcke starting at DT and Hazime rotating in they will still have a DT as a ratio spot.
You saw the number of players Austin brought in last year many new CFLers that were NFL FA and he also looked to the Arena league for players as well Breuax and Ellingson both came from the Arena League.

I'm sure that Austin and his brain trust have an idea and plan for this position,be it Moore or Marshall or some nobody like last year when Austin brought in Norwood early in the season last year for an injured Greg Peach and Norwood proceeded to start every game after that,eventually leading to Austin keeping Norwood and releasing Peach in favor of him,after Peach came off the IL.