Toronto's win proves you need two winning QB's for playoffs

Hamilton should keep MAAS as a second stringer.
and forget about bringing in a bunch of rockie
QB's , but pick up Casey Printers or Butler as
#1 QB. :thup: :cowboy:

Dude, no

Casey Printers is not a team player, sure he played second fiddle to Dickenson in BC an entire season but he still drove the team apart and the coach crazy.

I'm not convinced Butler is that great of a QB.

U can go ahead and mock me all u'd like for being a Maas Loyalist, but I think hes gunna come back nxt year on fire. He knows hes not garenteed a job nxt season and that we're bringing in help. I wouldnt be surprised if he completely turned it around because he is a compitent and complete QB when he's in his zone.

I’m almost positive that teams with one winning quarterback tend to be more successful. Teams with two end up creating a controversy, and a distraction. Look at BC with Printers and Dickenson, and Wally not knowing who to start. Sure it might work occasionaly, but only in the absolutely perfect situation.

One solid starter > > >Two quarterback system

Impressive throws by Bishop!Wow!It's hard to not cheer for a guy like him who has been written off by the whole league,especially fans on this site,myself included.

Bishop showed good stuff to-day,he stepped in and got it done big time ,well done Michael!

This resembles the Hamilton situation. Bishop was allowed to go to the Arena league and get lots of playing time before the Argos approached him in mid-season to help them out at QB. Sort of like Eakin being allowed to go to the NFL-E before the next CFL season. If he's got what it takes to play pro, this can only accelerate his development for the Cats.

An Argo fan

2007 Ticat scenario: Maas as starter, Bishop as #2, Williams at #3

(Hope the Argos keep Damon Allen as starter for 5 more years. Pinball thinks he can play till 50 anyway, like a football version of Satchel Page)

Keep your mitts (er, paws) off Bishop!!

An Argo fan

Yes, after Damon Allen was replaced with his team trailing in the East Division Semi-Final, an inexperienced and unproven backup quarterback came in and led the team to victory. And it was a good enough performance from this inexperienced and unproven quarterback to lead people to believe this quarterback has a future in this league.

You might think I'm referring to Michael Bishop's performance after today's EDS game. But I could also be referring to the 1992 EDS game, where Don MacPherson was this inexperienced and unproven backup quarterback. That is why one should not get too excited about Bishop's performance.

But I'd say it was Winnipeg that proved you need two good quarterbacks. Glenn sure was not 100%, but it was still probably not a bad idea to not put Banks or Dinwiddie in there.

Toronto had no business winning that game today, especially after their thrid quarter performance. Very surprised in Bishop.

If Bishop is inexperienced and unproven, it's only because he has never earned a starting job. The guy is 30 years old, and is in his 5th CFL season. He was a Heisman finalist in 1998. For most guys who are going to make it, they would have done so by this point. He obviously has some great tools, and looks great on occasion. But it's been too occasional.

Damon has looked average all year. They put in Bishop who had been watching the holes all afternoon, he basicly had game film on that game. I think father time has caught up with Damon Allen, but who will be Argos next?

Bishop did look good today, kinda the way Maas looked good in last years play offs.

Honestly, if the Cats drop Maas, they're idiots. Keep him.

Wpg knew well how to defend against Allan, but had little if any tape on Bishop. Preponderence of veterans in TO can carry a rookie QB to a win in a oinch like this...but don't go betting the mortgage next week or the week after!

A two QB system is badly needed in Hamilton, and if Ronnie gets his hand out of the system, we might get there, otherwise its whoever graduated Cathedral High School last year and Ron riding a one horse one trick pony, like always...Maas gets hurt and gets played hurt, because there is no credible person to take it over and DO SOMETHING!

Saskatchewan is a great example today of how you can have a 50% season and still make it up high in the playoffs, with a crack at the Cup...

Lets look at that franchise on where they plainly succeed!

Exactly, Kudos to Bishop and all, but it was the genius of Pinball putting him in there so unexpectedly that was the key. Winnipeg was so caught off guard that they made Bishop look like Doug Flutie. And Toronto got lucky with that 1st Bishop TD pass (but you gotta be good to be lucky, I know). Bishop actually had one of his worst years ever, what with his frequent failure to convert on 3rd and 1, and that's exactly what we'd be remembering him for in this game if it wasn't for Pinball.

What an offbeat conclusion. Toronto's win does NOT prove that you need two QB's. Another game will be won by a team using only one QB.
Will that prove that you should have only one?
Just accept that every team, every game, every situation is different. And that changes in personnel depend entirely on the coaches' ability to know their players and be able to make the right decisions at critical times.

Or Marcus Brady, circa 2003.

The game on the weekend proved nothing but the fact you need a dependable #2 who can step in when needed, whether it’s to take over following an injury to your starter, or to shake things up when they’re not going well. But a two QB system? Not if you have a consistently reliable and healthy #1.

One thing you can say about Toronto’s decisions this year is the following.

When they realized that the backup QBs they started the season with (Wynn and Crouch) were not quite ready for prime time, they went out mid-season and got a guy (Bishop) they felt was better. Had they not done so, they might well have been cleaning out their lockers today.

Keep in mind that Bishop got lots of help from poor tackling on the Bruce TD, a timely and costly fumble, and an interception that ended Winnipeg's last minute drive.

Bishop played well, but he was only one factor of many that led to Winnipeg's collapse. He only threw three passes and two were TDs.

I'm sure it's been said in this thread before, but since when has Bishop been considered a winning q.b.

No disrespect intended, but I'm not sure the result proves anything about Bishop's abilities as a QB. He didn't really have any pressure. If he comes in and is ineffective, Allen still takes the blame for the loss. The backup QB is always one of the most popular players with fans, because they love him if he has any measure of success, and they take no notice of him otherwise.