Toronto's win , good for Bombers

Toronto's win is good for the Bombers playoff hopes. Keeping Hamilton close is huge, especially with the crossover being a real possibility. Winnipeg needs to step up and close Hamilton's lead to 1 game.

Still 9 games to go and anything could happen. Every team in the league has looked beatable this year.


We also have 3 more against Montreal this year , it would be a minor miracle to go 1 and 2 against MTL. So we need all the help we can get.

Montreal will fall asleep in one game - almost a given. Problem is, we may be sleeping in the same game :smiley:
It's actualy a very interesting year. Aside from Montreal, it's a coin toss. Montreal only needs to lose one in the post season! Hopefully to us in a semi :stuck_out_tongue:

Bomber fans, you will have to have one more win than Hamilton to beat the Ticats out of a playoff spot, because there is zero chance you will win the season series against the Ticats.

And your sched isn't great the rest of the way. After you lose to the Riders again this weekend, you play my Ticats twice, and Montreal 3 more times! Those games are not W's for your club.

Didn’t you just lose to T.O? That’s makes it TWICE this year, but who’s counting! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry, uncalled for)

In all fairness, you guys look a lot better this year, and so far you deserve to be ahead of us in the standings. But your win against us was not overly convincing! “ZERO CHANCE” may come back to haunt you.

You have CGY MTL, CGY, coming up, I would worry about that. CGY has found their game and nobody is better than Burris at the moment. Ham is 5 -5 , and still have not clinched a playoff spot yet. Worry about why Golden boy porter can't beat Glenn out for the starting job !

Once again, I as well as many other Ticat fans apologize for on in two. Dunno how he figures he's speaking for all of us when he trolls here, but somehow that idea got stuck in his head. Good luck in the Banjo Bowl on Sunday :thup:

Bombers win big against Riders! Though Ticats are my #2 team I think Winnipeg will match up nicely, maybe even a sweep. I think Montreal will go on a losing skid, it happens to good teams and I think Als will lose 3 in a row and find their feet again just as playoffs aproach, So I think Bombers will go 2-1 against Als. As long as Bombers stick with Bish playoffs are in the cards IMHO

I smell fear.

Bomber fans can dream about a playoff spot only in the east can you win 5 or 6 games and make the playoffs, but I don't think you have to worry this year as all the western teams will make the playoffs and Bombers are going know where fast, Its going to be a big Rider win today and another embarrasment for the Bomber organization and its lousy staff. I think a Rider thrashing is in order today and would be good for a chance to get Kelly out of town. It will feel like a home game today for the Riders.

Riders are going to look like they just returned from a Village People concert when this one is over. Total ass kicking is what I see. Bombers win this one by 30 points

You must be on Fantasy Island LOL, Riders look like they are in practice mode now :slight_smile: wonder how many INT's for Bishop in the second half :slight_smile: you should be thankful maybe after its all over kelly will be leaving town?

A couple points... the point difference... was 42, and it was the RIDERS doing the asskicking, other than that ,your prediction was close!!

Toronto's win wasn't so good for the Bombers after all :lol:
lose to Montreal next week and T.O. pulls out another Miracle win and Bobmers are dead last.