Toronto's new soccer stadium going up

I bet the boys are jealous at Hamilton's City Hall of Toronto getting this stadium, I know I would be. Individual seats, nice. Just might have to get season tickets for Toronto's new football team. Like old times at the Ex watching games.

too bad is going to be pretty much soccer only

We'll see about that rhino, I heard it can be expanded to 30,000 and I bet my bottom dollar MLSE wouldn't mind the Argos playing their home games there. At least the seats wouldn't have to moved around as much as they have to be at the baseball-is-first Rogers Centre.

Yes, typical and a reason many have a hate on for Toronto. (haven't yet read today's Spec story along same lines)

Toronto parties hardy and treats itself (one way or another) to expensive "feel good presents" (all in the quest to be considered "world class") while the rest of the province and country cleans up and picks up the tab... and usually has to go without to boot!

Recall the SkyDome fiasco... after Government announced the OK for SkyDome, our Mayor Morrow naively stated "They can't turn us down now (for Ivor Wynne or new stadium money)"... HA! wishful thinking on his part as the Government had the nerve to reply "Sorry, we have no money for such things"; we asked for perhaps tens of millions vs final cost of the ConnDome at over $500 million. (much like the Montreal Olympics, IIRC, the SkyDome originally wasn't supposed to cost taxpayers "a cent" (all private funding)... an ironic "political" truth since it actually cost us over 50,000,000,000 cents)

(The ConnDome was my submitted name suggestion at the time... double meaning... 1) taxpayers "conned" into paying for another Toronto extravagance and 2) it's positioning next to one of the largest "phallic" (or MS "Zune") structures in the world. For some reason, my suggestion lost out to the eventual winner "SkyDome". I wonder why :slight_smile:)


This was part of a story in today's Star.

While crews work to fill out the aluminum skeleton of the new soccer stadium at the CNE, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment acknowledges it has already made money from the taxpayer-subsidized venture.
Yesterday MLSE announced that the Bank of Montreal (BMO) has bought naming rights to the stadium for the next 10 years.
Now known as BMO (pronounced "bee-mo") Field, the 20,000-seat stadium will host Toronto FC of Major League Soccer, as well as several 2007 under-20 World Cup games next spring.
Last year the federal government pledged $27 million to the project, while the provincial government added $8 million and the City of Toronto provided $9.8 million and the land the stadium stands on.
MLSE, which owns Toronto FC, promised to pay the remaining $18 million for the project, with up to $10 million of that cash coming from the sale of naming rights.
Last month the Star reported that the 10-year naming rights deal between BMO and MLSE would be worth $27 million.
After a press conference yesterday to announce the deal, MLSE executive vice-president and chief operating officer Tom Anselmi wouldn't place a dollar value on the deal.
"It's a private matter between two private parties," he said.
But he did explain that MLSE's upfront investment of $10 million is worth much more than if it were spread over the life of the decade-long deal.
And while he at first declined to say whether MLSE had sold the rights for more than $10 million, he later confirmed that MLSE had made a profit.
"The title deal itself, we were the ones who took the risk on it," he said. "We made a reasonable margin on it.
"We covered our investment and now we're happy campers.

Am I missing something. MLSE collects all the naming right profits even though the stadium has been mostly tax payer funded? Who owns this stadium? Is anyone looking out for the taxpayer on this or are we getting screwed again like we did with the Skydome?

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Argos there sooner than later. Now that Rogers and MLSE have partnered, transferring the Argo lease probably won't be a problem. Which means we've all paid for the new Argo stadium

This stadium is being built mainly for the AMATEUR World U-20 championships next year which are being held in Toronto and other Canadian cities. All MLSE is doing is preventing this from being a crap stadium by putting another $15 mill into it and as a result, they can now have their soccer team play out of it. I don't see a problem there and governments fund arenas, stadiums for amateur things all the time in this country. Canada will be on the world soccer stage next year with this tournament, there will be millions and millions of viewers watching worldwide. The Skydome or Rogers Centre or Conndome (like that) was built primarily for MLB Blue Jays with the Argos and the CFL way down the list as tenants due to the number of games in football compared with baseball. Now that does bother me and Rogers got it for a song some $25 mill. Hey Dave Perkins, that is blackmail, not the soccer stadium my friend.

Some things never change. The Feds and Queen's Park just keep pouring it on for Toronto. It seems to me that anything that city wants is bought and paid for by whomever in a hurry while the rest of us small town suckers help foot the bill via our taxes.

In my particular case, I have been watching football and other events at Ivor Wynne since the 50s, but the old body is starting to rebel against the cramped conditions there.

My arthritis won't tolerate these cramped conditions any longer and this is definitely to be my final year of watching anything at Ivor Wynne.

Of course, if I was a Torontonian, I wouldn't have this problem and I could continue to persue one of my greatest passtimes by attending football games, but this broken down body has other ideas.

I guess there's no real justice in the football world of a devout hamilton Ticat supporter, but after I physically suffer through the final two games of this season, that will be it for me, unless I make my way to Toronto which I find myself doing frequently now.

Ivor Wynne is a great stadium with sightlines and being so close to the field, and the view of the escarpment from the north stands, and the new video board of course.
But, she is old and in not a great part of town and sooner or later, people are going to get tired of watching the soccer boys and probably Argos playing out of this stadium that looks professional with individual seats and just stop going to TiCat games at Ivor Wynne because it looks way too amateurish and no Grey Cups will ever be played there again. So no hope therefore little fan support. This will happen IMHO, not for a few years, but will happen, unless of course ...

Earl: You're right on! Watch the city of Hamilton lose this diamond in the rough!
I will always remain a Ticat fan, but that stadium makes it impossible for me to go any longer. I'll miss the artmosphere and the fans.
I will watch some football in Toronto.

Toronto gets funding for yet another stadium, Hamilton gets nothing yet again. How you people over there keep taking it like this is beyond me. If you count when they renovated the then CNE Stadium, TO has gotten almost a BILLION dollars worth of new sport facilities while just down the road you guys get nothing. I don't know what the renos where back in 1972 but according to how the stadium looks, it couldn't have been that expensive.