Toronto's "Extra Yard" a new low in reality TV

Jim Barker is a legend in his own mind. Why does the "Toronto Sports Network" torture viewers across Canada with hyped-up garbage like this? Win the Grey Cup?!? More like fighting for the sacrificial crossover for 3rd in West. This NFL-style coach should be fired for his pathetic play calling (draws on 2nd and 10 -- that only works in the NFL, bud).

It's almost as bad as the CBC forcing Canada to watch the Toronto Make Beliefs every Saturday night during the hockey season.

noone is forcing you to watch. change the channel if you don't like it.

exactly. I like the show. Shows some of the inner workings of a professional football team. It's interesting, not TSN's fault the Argos suck.

That's like asking Canadians to ignore farts in their living rooms. It's annoying and intrusive.

How nice of Cleo Lemon to start posting here! :stuck_out_tongue:

If somebody farts in my living room, I just change the channel to roses. No biggie.

the show is great. they need to do this again next year but record the Roughriders.

and do a 6 part series. record from the start of training camp to the end of the season.

I assure you, the ratings for the show would skyrocket. I really hope they do that.

Barker is a great Coach, very ineresting to see the inside workings of a pro football team , the fact they consider themselves Grey Cup contenders speaks of the level of play in the CFL.

Doug flutie would use a draw play in the same situation , had it been set up by the previous play sets.

I think it is great exposure for the CFL. Barker headed the Argos to an inspiring season last year and they deserved the show. It would be cool to see them do this with one east and one west team every year, and cycle through the teams!

this show probably cost the argos some paying fans.

barker is an embarrassment

Admittedly, I haven't watched the Argos episodes. I'd have liked to, but my schedule doesn't often allow me to watch shows when they're on (and no, I don't have a PVR, and no, I don't intend to get one); however, in the future, I wouldn't mind seeing all teams take their respective turn with such a program.

*the fact they consider themselves Grey Cup contenders speaks of the delusion in Toronto.

There I fixed it for you Massdestruction. :wink: :lol:

I'd rather see a reality show about the Argo Cheerleaders, frankly :rockin:

There, I fixed it for you Martianreaper. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Yeah or any other team other than the Argos. But it makes sense for TSN as the studio is in Toronto.

why dont you grow up and learn to express a dissenting opinion with calling people names, which I thought was against the site rules.


I do not understand why people think this. Barker is the exact opposite of a great coach. Show me another great coach whose career record is 25-38, and whose best season is 9-9. He's an adequate coach, but he has done nothing in his career as a head coach to warrant the amount of adulation that he gets from the fans and media.

This just a Rip of HBO Hard Knocks
there nothing New about it

He's approachable and interesting for the media. That goes a long way with the media.

we Could say the same about Marcal Blogskee
two 9 and 9 season and just above 500 Season this year.
He no Prize as Well
I trade him for Hoff from Calgary and throw in Obie as Part of the deal.