Toronto's Defensive Advisor

We can't get a kicker in for a tryout, can't imagine we're going to break the coaches cap.

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I did not know that about Bibbles. Thank you for that info

No, he's referring to the guy who tripped Ray "Bibbles" Bawel - his name was David Humphrey. BTW Mr. Ray Bawel is still alive at age 90 and living in Indiana!

Humphry passed away a few years ago.

It's kind'a nice that Bawel outlives him. Just sayin...

Bawel should have picked him up and slammed him Wilder Jr style. At least it would have been justified. :sunglasses:


Humphry passed away a few years ago.

Ain't that a shame , my tears fell like rain . Fats Domino was prescient .