Toronto's Defensive Advisor

Was it just me or did anyone else see the 'Advisor' way out beyond the coaches assigned area. Was tht him behind an official, talking to him just before the play began?

Do 'Advisors" get the same privileges as Head Coaches? Ability to talk to officials?

Why is he even allowed on the sidelines?

He was outside of the coaches assigned area because all of their coaches don't fit in the coaches area.


Just Toronto's way of avoiding the coaches cap.

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So 'Advisors" are allowed anywhere on the sidelines?

Boris Bede jokingly tried to trip William Stanback last week running down the sidelines.

Safe to say they can do whatever they want.


Apparently if they work for the Argos.

Thought it was going to be a Ray “Bibbles” Bawel incident. Google it :grinning:


Seen it a million times on TSN Top 10 lists.

It's stupid that they celebrate that guy for being an idiot.


I'd be willing to bet that the salaries of coaches who were let go because they refused the vaccine will not count against the cap.

I believe Toronto had a couple of coaches depart for this reason, around the same time Chris Jones joined. I don't recall whether any of the other teams did.

In yesterday's game, there was a play where McBeth thought they should been a pass interference penalty on one of his passes. He made several flag throwing motions to the refs to show his displeasure.

Doing this was a guaranteed penalty, but nothing called.

Another sign the CFL wants Toronto to get to the Grey Cup to build interest in the team, even though it has never worked in the pass.


Still over the cap by 1. But it's ok.

To be fair I believe the intent is to celebrate the uniqueness of the event, the quirkiness, the humour…and not the sideline tripper himself

And if memory serves that guy went on to become a high ranking Judge in our Legal System. If that qualifies him as an idiot…


You should try to e-mail the league in regards to this situation. Maybe they can offer an official explaination as to what rules the Argos are breaking and what the league intends to do about it.

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No, they always show the goof years later laughing and smiling about his 'role' in CFL 'lore' in a 'aww isnt that cute' sorta way. It's NOT cute. They guy shoulda been banned from stadiums for life. If it would have happened today, 6 cops would a tackled him (if a couple of d-linemen didn't first) and hauled his ass to the clink.

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Would you prefer the stale regular fare. It’s a Grey Cup moment included in a package of other Grey Cup moments. The clue is in the name…Grey Cup Moments.

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3 days and still no reply

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Yes it is a significant Grey Cup moment, absolutely, but the idiot's role in it should just not be presented in such a glorified way. That's all.

You think if I email the league asking why Merritt Bowden is still on the sidelines coaching but removed from their website right around the time they hired Chris Jones that they'll give me an answer?

Hes here with a bio...
Merritt Bowden - Toronto Argonauts

and hes not here listed under their coaches.
Football Operations and Coaching Staff - Toronto Argonauts

i reached out to a couple members of the media asking why nobody has asked this question (nevermind the two coaches that I know for a fact are on paid leave).

Nobody seems to care. Its Toronto. We're used to it.

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The jerk was a Toronto lawyer who was too cheap to buy a ticket . He conned his way into the stadium . If he had shown up at Civic Stadium the next year , Tiger-Cat fans would have re-arranged his facial features :+1:

Pat Lynch (that was "Bibbles" last football game )

It was worth a shot. If Argos can circumvent the cap then the Cats could bring in a dedicated QB coach or some other position of need. Fine might be a slap on the wrist but well worth it.