Toronto's All Canadian OLine Gets Destroyed...

Completely manhandled by BC's front four tonight - - wow, didn't see that one coming!

I wonder if a few more people are finally realizing what I've been saying since the season started - - Toronto's version of an All Canadian OLine is a failed experiment.

Jeff Keeping...Wayne Smith...Marc Parenteau...Andrew Jones. These guys have been career back ups for a reason - - they're not very good.

Milanovich seems like a pretty clever guy - - I wonder how many more weeks it's going to take him to understand that if his OLine can't pass block and can't open up any running lanes, the offence isn't going to be very good regardless of who the QB is.

Agreed. The Argos have some real exciting pieces on their team but their O-Line is atrocious!

Starting 5 Canadians is a smart move as you only need 2 others to start elsewhere. The problem with the Argos is as you stated, they aren't good enough. Montreal started 5 Canadians for years and had great success.

Except Joe Eppelle and Jeff Keeping, all non-imports on the offensive line are rejects from other teams. To be more competitive, the Argos will have to delete a few imports on defence and add 2 import offensive linemen.


The All Canadian OLine is a great thing for flexibilty in the ratio at other positions but not if they are not good enough. I will not claim to know much about the guys that they have because I do not. I do know that finding good NI tackles are as tuff as NI QBs so most likley they should start there. I do know that Wayne Smith has played about 10 years and has been injured a lot the last couple of season and also sat out a lot of practice last week. So I would susupect they start there at LT.
Edmontons rebuilding of the offense also calls for them wanting an all NI OLine but they did not have the players so they did not force a round peg into a square whole and have compromised this season with 4 out of 5 with veteran Orrin Thompson anchoring the left Tackle spot.
The Argos have added pieces where needed during the course of camp and the season such as McCune at MLB, Waters K, and Boulay Sp teams so I image they know they will need to upgrade the OLine if they want to get to the cup.
They currently already start 8 NI. So starting with replacing LT with an Import will not disrupt the defense much. Foley has been rotating with Kuame an import that would have to stop as they do have several other NI DE on the 46.
Also they have had the luxury of allowing younger an import to play safety which has made a great D Backfield but behind him is Matt Black and Boulay both of whom ar NI and of CFL starter matierial. Younger has the ability to play HB also so they have some flexibilty there.
I think the coaching staff has been waiting it out until this game in particular to see how the O Line would respond and it is now clear that they need to make some upgrades. I would hope that they had somehting in mind as they knew this would be something that may be needed.They have one import lineman on the practice roster i suspect he may have been there just in case. If not there are a lot of NFL free agents still out there. Saskatchewan plugged their LT spot with Xavier fulton a first year CFL player. He was a 5th round pick spent a couple of NFL seasons on IR practice rosters played in the UFL and He curretnly is a force on the O line that just began starting 4 NI instead of 3.
There are alot of players like fulton available who were good enough for the NFL but bounced around a lot and are more than happy to come to the CFL and find a home.

As a fan of the CFL I would really love to see them fix this fast so that offense can take off.

Als tried an import last year when Perret went down... did not stick with the team.

If you’ve got a franchise QB - - as Toronto has with Ricky Ray - - it’s not that difficult to build a championship calibre team.

After QB, the most important thing in the CFL is Canadian talent. You can’t try to hide five Canadian scrubs on the OLine and expect the franchise QB to be successful. Just start your seven best NIs and don’t worry about what position they play.

Most GMs with half a brain can figure that out, but unfortunately Toronto is stuck with Jim Barker running the show. Last year they lost one of their best NIs when Dominic Picard left. And now they’re on the verge of losing Ricky Foley at the end of this season.

I can't see how with the ratio that at least three on the offensive line cannot be non-imports, and it's hard to have only three NI's on the line at that, but whoever these guys are if the play like synchronised squeaky swinging gates, as I heard is also being proposed as a future Olympic event, well of course an overhaul is needed.

As an Eskie fan however I am perfectly happy if Toronto digs deeper in its trenches to attempt stay this course. :smiley:

No amount of WD-40 will help them either if it's that bad.

The problem in Toronto is that apart from Ricky Foley, their NI starters are all crap, and their NI depth is really poor. So they’re forced to dress a bunch of scrubs and rejects on the O-line in order to field a competitive team overall.

It's funny that nobody was complaining about the Argo OL before they played B.C.? :wink:

No, some of us could see the Argo O-line was crap even before the BC game. :slight_smile:

It's funny that you missed my earlier post at the begining of the season. Wink, Wink.

Even the biggest Argo apologists can't ignore reality and keep their heads buried in the sand forever.

Don't forget Andre Durie. I have seen him drop way too many passes so far this season (but that seems to be a league-wide epidemic), but he's still one of Toronto's best players, and maybe their best NI player. I agree with you about everything else, though. Their NI depth is pathetic.

I forgot about Durie. Thanks for reminding me.

Xvys is right, and now that an Argos fan has opened the door almost as wide as the gaps between Toronto's linemen, it's only now that we are chiming in en masse plus you know it's kind of slow now during the Olympics too.

I didn't expect too many people would recognize how bad the Argo OLine is until it became painfully obvious. I'm not even sure if the Argo coaches & GM realize how terrible it is yet. Either they have no clue of how to evaluate talent, or they're living in a dream world hoping a bunch of career back ups will magically become top line starters.

Ah damnit I meant that Discipline was right. I looked that the wrong guy for the quote.

This thread won't be as good as the thread that bashes Rod Black, but now we have all season to watch Toronto's offensive line and give the Rod Black thread a good running for the bashing title.

Ok, that makes much more sense now. It was a bit of a head scratcher as to how you could think I was the only one to see the train wreck unfolding.

I enjoy your posts and find them often funny too. You raise the bar for your team unlike fans of some other teams who make excuses or blame the referees and so on and so on as they drink the local homer Kool-Aid.

In life well beyond football you will almost always not get excellence lest you demand or insist for it even when you pay top dollar. :thup:

yes you would think if they were planning to attempt an all NI O Line the Argos would have signed one of the best and not let him go in free agency. Picard at center would have given them a Rock in which to build around.
Gotta give to Saskatchewan as they not only signed Picard but also Labatte as the base of the O line and have ae able to have a lot of flexibilty to it. They were able to start top pick Heenan in place of injured Best and now best can not get back into the starting lineup. Robb Bagg went down and the Riders have been able to go with Super Sub Pat Neufeld at LT giving them 4 NI on the O line without missing a beat.
The Argos wll have to keep a close look at the NFL camps and find at least a stud LT who is caught in between and snag him up.