i hope that when the argos take the field tonight
for pre-game warm-up and then again for player introductions that all you fans at the game give adriano the welcome back he deserves-stand up and applaud this guy. everyone of you tiger-cat fans out there knows that this guy played his sack off for you every play when he was here. he may have taken his fair share of stupid penalties but those penalties are not hurting your team anymore. there's no denying that he was a very emotional, fiery player
who played every game like it was his last.this is a guy who used to wake up to go to his other job, spend half a day doing what he loves, and then came to IWS, the other job he loves to practice and help your team get better.remember this fans-he did not want to leave hamilton, he was traded so when your revving up your boos tonight for the ex-cats, think twice and do the right thing.

             CITY LEGEND

I don't usually say this about ANY Argo but, I agree with you 100%. The guy killed himself for us..let's show him that we appreciate him!

I'd be doubtin' it.

nice to see Adriano back in Hamilton. Would have been nicer to see him in black and gold. He was real leader on the Argo D-line. To bad we lost him. No spark left on the cats. Someone get Belli back here.

i dont understand why adriano wasnt thrown out of the game when he kiked the ref

as much as a lot of fans didn't like some of his offsides and 15 yarders i thought he went hard every down and defintely brought some color.

CBC's announcers commented that Belli walked into Lancaster's office and demanded a trade.

Hey, I'm not disputing the fact that he is a good player. Nor am I disputing the fact that he gave it his all when he was here. I am simply making sure your facts are accurate.

Adriano is that you?? :roll:

I'm not one to bash anyone, but Belli hurt us with his lack of discipline and I didn't see him as a leader when he was here. Definately not someone you want your other players to model themselves after. He demanded a trade and after that disgusting display last night I'm glad he's gone.

I have watched Belli for several years while he played for Montreal Hamilton and know in Toronto.At best he is average. Last night he showed his true self by kicking the referee. Also be reminded he was going against a bunch of rookies. No doubt Toronto has a fairly good team with numerous veterans.

One thing for sure, this will not the same team when we play Toronto again. Back to Belli … you can go kiss …

If i were on a team with no leadership, discipline or hope of contending, then i might want to be traded too. :?