Toronto Won Pan-Am Games! Hamilton gets new Stadium!

I just saw it on Sportsnet, Toronto won the games..

so Hamilton is going to get their stadium!! :slight_smile:

:D :lol: :rockin: :cry: :rockin: :lol: :D

(my mixed emotions)

Congrats to Hamilton!
Wow, Hamilton, very possibly new stadiums in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and Regina. Major renovations in B.C. and Montreal. Things sure are changing.

Same here. It'll be nice to have a new stadium in Hamilton, but I kind of like IWS.

Globe and Mail says its only a 15,000 seat stadium?
What use would a 15,000 seat stadium have after the Pan Am games end?
It'd become a white elephant. Like TD Waterhouse Stadium here in London.

I'm sure they will make it bigger for the Ticats.
At least another 15,000 seats.
Hopefully they give it a few frills.
Not an aluminum bench garbage can like we have here.

Up to London to fill it like the Rouge et Or for Mustang games and show the nation London counts in football. But London really only cares about the Knights, that's your fault London, you have a great stadium for the CIS in a great location. Football is better than hockey, you're outside in the elements way better. London I'm afraid is too mickey mouse small time for the CFL.

Yes agree, this 15,000 nonsense is some flunky writers not doing their homework and forgetting to aknowledge the CFL and how the stadium is really for the use of the Cats. Not the short terms two weeks crappy games.
The other, it must be a 30,000 and get rid of the track after the games.

Get rid of argotom I say. :rockin:

You like the track?

My post on Ticats forum, I LOVE the track:

Just got home from work and turned on TV. Wow, we won! This will take a bit to digest, something positive for Hamilton, nice, very, very nice! And to those detractors who say a waste of dollars, well, I’ll write a cheque right now for $100.00 and send it off to the games committee, I want to see facilities for our youth. But more important a sign that athletics is important. I remember running in OFSAA 4 x 100 relay at the old Ex Stadium in Toronto with CHCH TV and one of their cameras right there, I was the leadoff runner and man was I pumped, I was on TV!, and what an incredible experience that was, so the stands weren’t full except athletes there but to run in the iconic Exhibition Stadium of the Argonauts, my favourite team AT THE TIME, well, what can I say, it’s had lasting memories on me and I continue to try and keep in shape to this day to have that good body image I want. I credit that in part to that experience running in a 30,000 seat stadium home to a great CFL team and Grey Cups. I’m getting tingling right now thinking about it to be honest.

The other thing I’m getting tingling about is how Toronto botched up Ex Stadium for stupid boring baseball and now soccer. Shame on you Toronto!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Surely a track and field stadium which I am not against, should not be a permanent part of a larger stadium such as the one the Cats desperately need.
A smaller 5000 seater like the new U of T version with seats on the one side is what I believe you may be talking about and is no different to what I participated in when actively involved in track and field as a youngster.

Why not? Don't the Eskimos still have the largest season ticket base in the CFL with a track? All they did wrong was make it 60.000 instead of 35,000 - 40,000.

A large multi purpose stadium once regarded as the way to go, is no longer the way to go.
Hey I hate to admit it, but look at BMO?

argotom, please, I know you're smarter than that. We aren't talking multipurpose baseball/football/soccer. The fact is, despite what these TFC'ers or "soccer purists" say and have convinced the media that a multi-purpose stadium for soccer/football is heresy, that's just pure crap. The field configuration is practically the same, just make the endzones for soccer moveable so for the longer CFL field, you just move them back. The soccer "purists" think that it's just for soccer period and anything else is sacrilege.

Don't buy that crap from the soccer people argotom, you're smarter than that. It's not baseball we're talking about or 70,000 seat NFL stadiums which I can understand the MLS'ers don't want.

No I don’t disagree Earl.
My point being how BMO which has the configuration of soccer and football field wise is the way to go. Unlike the traditional Skydome with the baseball to football move.
You know me, I hate MLSE for what they have done to the Argos.

Right on :thup:

Still shocks the hell out of me that they would build a soccer specific stadium for an expansion soccer team yet would neglect the oldest and proudest football team in the Country... Makes me nausous. I can only imagine how the owners of the Argos feel.

I'll accept 'oldest', but not sure about 'proudest'.

Right on!!!! Is it possible my baby (the CFL) is growing up?

With Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, BC, Regina potentially getting new of upgraded facilities, that can only bode well for the league's future.