Toronto Wolfpack

Anyone been following this team?
They get zero coverage, but last week they played in the league Championship against the London (England) Broncos - “The Million Pound Match”
Toronto is the only team outside of the UK in the league. They have to fly to England for all their away games. Luckily they are sponsored by AirTransat.
If they had won this game against London they would have been promoted to the top tier of Rugby in England.
They play out of Lamport stadium and average around 6,000 fans per game. I wonder if they had been promoted to the top tier they could see attendance in the 10k range next season.

I keep up with them; I’m not a huge fan of the sport, but what they’ve been able to accomplish in terms of building a fan base is of obvious interest.

And the NFL was saying it’s too expensive to fly to Europe for games if they had teams over there? :-* Ok, I don’t actually remember them saying that but I seem to remember something along these lines from whomever, maybe it was just fans, it would be too expensive to put a team in say London, Engl. :-\

I've been going to the games for the last 2 yrs. Fun atmosphere. Great seeing them win two championships in a row. There is also a team based in France - Toulouse Olympique. Hopefully Toronto can dominate Championship in 2019 and earn a chance to be promoted to Super League.