Toronto @ Winnipeg

Is no one watching this game? :lol: Go Argos! :thup:

I am; looking forward to a good game by both teams with my eye watch on Fred Reid. Almost a safety touch there.

How is that not ruled a safety? :expressionless:

Must have been forward progress before Lemon was pushed back while being brought down in the endzone. :?

Could be…

Looking like it’s going to be another defensive battle between these two teams. Nice play Owens, too bad it was incomplete.

Fumble! :smiley:

I thought he was standing on the goal line when he got hit, therefore wouldnt he have been over the plane of the goal line- should be a safety :?

Uh oh... Bombers fans better hope the injury with Jyles isn't serious... :?

there goes the slim playoff hopes. unless it looks a lot worse than it actually is.. but it sure doesn't look like he's coming back

Is Brink wearing a pink wrist band?

Why didn't Jyles slide? Now he's out for the game and Toronto should win (although with Toronto's offence, 2 points could win the game...).

Can we smear some glue on the hands of Toronto's receivers...

Well, so much for that scenario…3-2.

that's exactly what I thought. should have slid as soon as he had the first down.

Nice tackling :roll:

Boyd is amazing at making people miss one-on-one. Sigh.

Sure looks like it. And that's allowed? Or just the refs turning a blind eye?

Seems he's taking after Buck Pierce...

I don't know, but I think it's cool. :thup:

Cleo Lemon shouldn't be allowed to run with the ball...

ouch.. nice hit