Toronto @ Winnipeg webcast tonite???

Anyone able to figure out how to watch this game tonite via webcast from the CFL website??? I'm a big CFL fan in Green Bay,WI and live across the street from Lambeau Field.. Me and my friends here are unable to get this game on the internet tonite and had to dial in the game on internet radio from Winnipeg... Are we doing something wrong or is this webcast unavailable to fans in the USA... We watched both games last nite on but are unable to watch tonite's game on the internet... What's going on with this???

Tonight’s game was blacked out to virtually everyone in the U.S., thanks to an exclusive contract that Trajectory Sports (the CFL’s U.S. rightsholder) made with Voom HD.

Hopefully, Voom will go out of business shortly, and Friday Night Football games will be shown on regional sports networks and internet broadband in the U.S.


I tried over the internet here in Canada too and it didnt work.