Toronto will become Buffalo's second home

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Now here's the scary thing about all of this in my opinion. It's not just the lost sports/entertainment dollars in the Golden Horseshoe to these 8 "events" that is the concern but it's the slow and methodical indoctrination of football fan's mindsets in this area that will be alarming. Make no mistake about it, Godfrey and his gang, which includes the NFL Commissioner, want to make Southern Ontario transform into Buffalo Bill's Country and replace the CFL, Tiger-Cat and Argonaut brands with NFL and Buffalo Bills logos.

This would make "Bills Country" grow to 7 million people instead of the current 1.5

Imagine the merchandising market and sponsorships they will be seeking? Just as Bill Gates wanted every home to have a computer, this bunch won't be happy until every kid, young adult and old-timer football fan has a Buffalo Bills jacket, sweatshirt and ball cap.....and don't forget the bumper sticker too

...and then once they accomplish their first step in the master plan......poof!.....they will be moving to Toronto for sure

Funny how they want their first game to be right before Christmas ---> merchandising

So, back to the title of the's from this article I found, not from Canada, but from Philadelphia.....see?....already, the image of this from afar is "second home".....this is concerning.

source :

NFL: Toronto will become Buffalo's second home

Associated Press
[i]NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to announce plans tomorrow for the Buffalo Bills to play an annual regular-season game in Toronto, starting this year.

The announcement, to come in Goodell's state-of-the-league address during Super Bowl festivities in Glendale, Ariz., would make the Bills the first team to play annual regular-season games outside the United States.

The Bills proposed the plan at the NFL owners' meetings in October as part of their desire to expand their market to Toronto, which is about a 90-minute drive from Buffalo.

Under the team's proposal, the Bills would play some preseason games and one annual regular-season game at the downtown Rogers Centre - a domed stadium with a retractable roof - through 2012. [/i]

In closing, if this press conference does go ahead tomorrow, it will be very interesting to hear Commissioner Cohon's words given the push-back from the Tiger-Cats.


This link was the source of a new thread in the Buffalo Bills message's an attempt years ago to have any other professional football leagues blocked from coming actually passed second reading in The House of Commons (The Canadian Football Act C-22)

By the way, the Buffalo Bills have designated an entire section of their message boards to Toronto now (on their Official Team Site).......what does that tell you and their fans ? :roll:

The funny thing here is that I predict that the Bills presence in Toronto could have a negative impact on the Jays as surely there will be more headlines about the NFL. I don't know. Also the RC will be more "football equipped looking, NFL style" so to speak again not something the real laid back type baseball fans would want in a "baseball" stadium.

I got a better Idea! We get Bill Gates,Donald Trump and Vince Mcmahon to run the cfl and tell those premadonna boring wanna bes the "NFL" to shove it where the sun doesnt shine! :wink:

I think what is being missed by many is the responsibility the CFL and it's individual teams have to their corporate partners/sponsors...especially the ones who sign long term deals/partnerships.

I would think that part of the sales pitch is to ensure these sponsors maximum exposure to it's CFL audience and to ensure everything is being done to promote and grow the CFL brand, the individual team brands etc. in order to maximize the client's "bang for it's sponsorshop buck".

It would send a real mixed message to say, "Welcome to the CFL or Tiger-Cat or Argonaut family".....we love the CFL, we love our city and we're glad to have you on board...Please Sign Here...oh, and before you go, do you have an extra couple of thousand bucks in your wallet because we'd like to sell you some Buffalo Bills tickets who will be playing in our market.

Sounds like you want this to happen, mikey.

Quite the opposite actually. This is why it's agood thing that the Tiger-Cats said.......slowwww down, we never agreed to anything here.

As Bob implied, there are ramifications here that nobody is thinking about. There are layers of concerns. Fans, merchandising, sponsors .....the list is long.

I take it you no longer think the Cats are the “joke” of the CFL and the CFL being a “high school league” ?

The CFL will survive with out toronto!The only thing I can see is that the tv deal is history in toronto and they will have to show games on chch!LOL

I didn't realize till now that the NFL owners had to vote on this...

In this National Post article, it's interesting that the Washington Redskins owner keeps talking about what's good for the Bills, their owner and the NFL.....not one mention about what's good for the Tiger-Cats, Argonauts or the it's good that there is some push-back from the Tiger-Cats and the B.C Lions too (at least those two anyhow) We need to protect the CFL also and not cave in to these people like Tannenbaum, Godfrey et al.

Redskins owner Snyder: Toronto visits "important" for Buffalo Bills

February 03, 2008
by Sean Fitz-Gerald
Football, NFL

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder supported the Buffalo Bills in their proposal to move eight games to Toronto over the next five years, but despite the NFL’s familiarity with the market, Snyder said he has not heard any discussion of Ontario’s capital landing a team on a more permanent basis.

On Friday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Bills would play one regular season game in Toronto in each of the next five years. Buffalo will also move north for three pre-season games, beginning this year.

“I know the market size because we approved the deal – all the owners had to vote for it,? Snyder said on Saturday. “But I really haven’t thought about that. I really haven’t thought about whether it’d be a great fit for the NFL.?

A news conference has been tentatively scheduled for Wednesday in Toronto, where officials from the Bills and Rogers Centre are expected to announce more details on the series. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment chairman Larry Tanenbaum was inside the Phoenix Convention Center for Goodell’s announcement on Friday, as was Phil Lind, vice-chairman of Rogers Communications Inc.

Buffalo proposed to move the games, not the NFL. Bills owner Ralph Wilson, 89, has been looking to expand his franchise’s geographic reach, though many have begun to wonder whether the series represents a first step on the team’s move to Toronto.

“They can think whatever they want,? he told The Buffalo News last month. “I can’t speculate the future.?

Snyder also refused to speculate.

“I voted ‘yes’ for it,? Snyder said. “I think it’s important for the league, important for Buffalo, that franchise. And we just want to be supportive to Ralph Wilson. He’s a good guy.?

Source: click here

I think you completely missed the point, mikey.

If Snyder is telling the truth he looked at the issue as a Bills one not an expansion NFL opportunity.Snyder wants to help him as due the other owners. Ralph Wilson is one of the AFL originals and respected if not liked.

Wilson is looking for more revenue sources, especially in Dec, when his attendence falls off.
Snyder doesnt have to worry about the Argos or the CFL because the games are being played after the CFL season is over.

Seems this issue produces two extremes. NFL enviers are counting the days to a NFL team in Tor. while the nervous CFL nellies are wetting the bed over the same thing.

This is a money grab for Ralph Wilson NOT an audition for an NFL team.

NFL knows what the Tor. market can bear and have known it for years they don't need games in Tor. to study anything.

The other NFL owners really had no choice but to support Ralph's wishes on this.

I have no doubt that tickets for all the games will be gone asap. For myself, no thanks, I'm happy to spend my very limited sports football money on the Cats and going to the odd GC here and there, nothing left over in the kitty for me. That being said, a trip out west one day to take in a CFL game at Mosaic and an NFL game at Lambeau is on my agenda before I kick the bucket for good.

Heck, I'm gonna make a point of going to a few Blue team games!

Don't worry. I'll be cheering against them!

Yeh, maybe me and the wife too Captain will take in some this year as a result of all this.

Never mind driving to Buffalo instead of Toronto to see the Bills for a quarter of the cost; if I was gonna spend $250 on football in Toronto, I'd buy Blue team season's tikcets before I'd buy one Bills' ticket, that's for sure!

I'm watching the new conference and Mr.Wilson couldnt answer his own question. The Bills have played 2 games in Toronto. The Cowboys sold out the first one. The second one against Green Bay didnt. Why? The first game was a novelty game and it was the Dallas Cowboys, complete with their cheer leaders. The novelty wore off for the second and the Packers arent as popular as they were before.
I think it will depend alot on who they play.
And once Buffalonians realize they cant tailgate like at home and if their money is par they wont come either.
Talk to someone after a Bills game and they hardly mention the game, its all about the party. They can't party they can't come.

As for the CFL, I'm a proud Canadian, but this has come up in a few conversations lately with others, but it might be a time to think about lowering the CAN/USA ratio numbers or drop them altogether for the survival of the game. I cant believe I'm saying it, but some think we should have the best players on the field, and not give "Canadians saved spots." That's why the CFL sucks, and if we dropped the ratio it might give the league more credibility and change the mindset of some. Prefer they way it is myself.

Good read zuger. If anything, all of this provides a stimulus for more, not less, discussion about how the Canadian game evolves. Which could be potentially beneficial actually.

Here are my predictions:

  1. Every game does not sell out.
  2. The Bills will not extend this deal past the 5 yr agreement. NFL might have a game here every once in a while.
  3. There will never be a Canadian NFL team.

I think you're wrong there whoknows. There are enough people in the Toronto area who realize that the NFL is the premier pro league in North America where the team worth the least is still almost double the NHL's most expensive team. And where they want to be associated with this.

Rogers et al. will promote this like nothing you've seen in your life.

Well here are a couple reasons why I disagree:

  1. The owners will not like when revenues decrease X% when the dollar slides.

  2. No additional revenue with a TV deal.

  3. Taxes. Corporate tax rate is 35% and ticket tax rate is 15%. Buffalo...nothing.

4)Sponsorship. What new big sponsors are going to sign up with the NFL? Pepsi, Labatts, McDonalds, etc? Oh wait the NFL already has those sponsors.

Outside of some additional ticket revnue all the factor above could drive down revenues over all.

Put it this is huge in Canada, obviously. Well, not to long ago Canadian NHL teams had to leave Canada for the US due to financial reasons.

This is just a quick money grabbing scheme so Wilson can make some money before he dies.