Toronto will be getting an NFL team

Well, our firend Mr. Godfrey is now saying Toronto will be getting an NFL team, it's not a question if, just when. As usual, he can't give specifics. Below is from the Jul 19 Toronto Star:

"I think (the Roger Centre deal) has been good for the Argos," Godfrey said. "I hope they do very well. I'm still an NFL guy. I have constantly been in touch, but I don't talk about it, because there's nothing to report. I keep the lines of communications open. I really don't want to comment on it, it's not to my advantage to even talk about it. But I've made it quite clear. It's not a question of if (the NFL) is going to come (to Toronto). It's a question of when," Godrey said.

oh god please no! I don't mid the NFL but bye-bye Ticats and Argos if that does happen.

I think we have to read between the lines here and I don't think there is much to worry about for a very long time. Anyone can make such a statement without any specifics. 'When' could be 25 years from now for that matter. Paul just has to keep telling himself this out loud in the media to keep his dream fantasy of the NFL alive and well in his head. Which is fine, the only way you ever have even a remote chance in life of getting what you want starts with being a dreamer.

For a guy who doesn’t want to talk about it, he sure does talk about it

I read this week that if the NFL preseason game in Mexico is a success, the NFL would probably try to play another preseason game next year outside the USA... IN EUROPE!

lol! If they don't even think of giving Toronto a preseason game, they certainly don't think of it for an expansion team.

Never, never, never. :twisted: :twisted:

Godfrey's been dreaming for 30 yrs and he'll go his grave w/o it coming to fruition.

Isn't this a regular season game in Mexico City? I just can't see Toronto, as Paul Tagliabue recently said, even on the NFL radar, with the last 2 exhibition games there in the '90's no where near sellouts and no team in LA, well, it ain't going to happen.
Maybe Mr. Godfrey is just upset that the CFL is doing quite well these days and is looking at expanding out east. Maybe he had a chance to operate the Argos and passed and now that the Argos are doing not too bad in TO, he maybe shouldn't have passed on them. Again, who knows.

Actually, its a regular season game between San Francisco and Arizona on October 2nd. I personally think its humerous that the two teams playing the first NFL regular season game outside of the USA are arguably the two worst teams in the NFL right now.

In all honesty … I wouild far rather see an NFL team in Mexico instead of Toronto …


Typical that the owner of a Toronto-based team would make a comment like "I'm an NFL guy". That's really great. Way to understand what being Canadian is all about.

He is not the owner of the Argos is he?

The NFL will never come to Canada, they have a marketing deal with the CFL and an agrement on this. Anyhoo there are too many cities in the US that would be ahead of Tdot.

It's in the NFL's interests that the CFL be alive and healthy.

That guys a idiot and has not cred or $ anyways.

I'm so sick a tired of hearing to

Sorry pressed enter a little quick there..

I'm so sick an tired of hearing Toronto based comments about the NFL. Why can't you not support the Canadian game...

Gades1979 wrote:

Typical that the owner of a Toronto-based team would make a comment like "I'm an NFL guy". That's really great. Way to understand what being Canadian is all about.
He has said this a few times in the press. I can't believe that Rogers would keep him employed with these comments, he is basically saying why would you want to go to a CFL game at Rogers, look at me, I'm an NFL guy, not a cool thing to do. I guess he is beyond everyone, even his employer.

Torontonians want to be American so bad they will try any avenue.

Don't get too bent out of shape fellow CFL posters. This is Paul Godfrey recycling the usual trash. NFL have to go to some larger US cities before they ever think about comming here. (Los Angeles, Orlando are two the come to mind. Probably six others I haven't though of.)

Let Paul dream out loud. It's a long, long dream.....

Yeah, it’s pretty sad.

And I don’t want an NFL team in Toronto. That would be very bad news for the CFL.

Good Point Sportsman, there are tonnes of better markets for teams in the US, WAY before entering Canada. If you only get 13,000 fans for an Argo game, there is no way under heaven that they can support an NFL team. Once Hockey is back, Argo sales will go down.

Kman the last time the Argos had 13,000 for a game was the 2000 season. Even when the league took over the team, we still managed about 17-20 thousand a game. The Argos easily get 30,000 in the stadium now. The owners of the Argonauts, are commited to Toronto, and commited to the CFL. You say you hate Toronto so much, but if the CFL wanted to prevent itself from getting that "Second Rate League" or "Bush League" type image, not having a team in your biggest city would give the CFL that image. So all you jealous little westerns out there keep your Anti-Toronto comments to yourself. As for citizens from Ottawa and Hamilton you wish so badly to be like us, this hole anti-Toronto attitude comes from jealousy. And all you westerns out there who think Toronto just wants to be "american" so bad, I ask you this....who did you support for prime minister last spring?

Easy there cowboy. I happen to like Toronto. Yes, I do live in the west. Let's just leave the Prime Minister out of this for now. Anyway, I love going to Maple Leaf games, I have been to a few. I would also love to go to a Raptors and also a Jays game. I love what Toronto brings to professional sport in Canada. You are correct in that. Yes I realize the competion sometimes between sports in the city. All I want to know is that with a fantastic facility to watch sport in like the Skydome, ( sorry, Rogers Centre ) and only ( in the past ) get a couple thousand people out ? I do like to see more people coming out to games now though. If there are only stll 20,000 people attending a game, typical NFL games hold 45,000, other than Green Bay. The Dome is big enough, but can it be filled for regular season games as it has been for the Jays in the World Series, Grey Cup, Argo playoff games ?

Okay, Argonauts 04 Champs, you state, and I quote: "you wish so badly to be like us". Give me a break. Don't you understand that statements like this do nothing but perpetuate the belief that Torontonians believe they are the centre of the universe? As for myself, I don't believe that all Torontonians feel that way, but your rant does nothing to further break down those stereotypes which you accuse others of holding. If anything, you have just given them more ammunition. Think about what you're writing.