Toronto Wants Another New Stadium?;

A writer for the Globe and Mail, a Jeff Blair, has raised the issue of Toronto getting a new baseball stadium for the Blue Jays.
Either this guy had nothing else to write about today, or he is this side of dellusional.
His idea is to leave the Skydome for Toronto's supposed new NFl team, while the Blue Jays move into a fancy taxpayer paid for digs.
He mentions Winnipeg getting a new stadium with some federal money, but what Winnipeg is getting won't cost anywhere near what Toronto's baseball stadium will. Which will of course have to be "world class".
Somebody tell this guy there's ten other cities ahead of Hogtown that need and want new stadiums.
Halifax and Quebec City should get priority for outdoor stadiums. Even hamilton.
Also hamilton should get Copps fixed up for the NHL, as well as maybe Winnipeg.
But for this Jeff Blair to mention another taxpayer paid for stadium for Hogtown when they already have two, while ignoring the needs of the rest of the coutnry, shows how out of touch this yahoo really is.

He's out to lunch. Skydome is too small for an NFL team, and cannot be sufficiently expanded.

What I believe Toronto will try to do is land the Summer Olympics in the relatively near future. As I understand it, many of the facilities for the Pan-Am Games will be built in metro Toronto, should that bid succeed. Toronto will use these facilities for their Olympic bid. A new stadium would have to be built if their bid is successful, which will end up either as a new home for the Blue Jays, or a new home for a Toronto NFL team.
With security costs along with everything else, hosting the Summer Olympics would be a financial boondoggle. Since it would provide facilities for the few people who care about Olympic sports even when it's not during the Olympics, the public should be ok with it. The only CFL positive that might come from it would be if a stadium were built in a place like London that could host some of the Olympic soccer games.

It has to bug the heck out of the real baseball nuts that think playing football in a baseball or multi-use stadium is sacriligeous for the traditional baseball. If Toronto and Tanenbaum et al. really want the NFL bad there, look to the RC to become more and more like a football stadium whatever way it can be done and less baseballish. And this will be good for the CFL and 100th GC in 2012 if Toronto hosts which it probably will. I can understand this might bug traditional baseball fans. But yes, a baseball specific stadium for MLB will cost huge.

RC is fine for baseball here in Canada where you just don't have the real diehards like Boston or Chicago who demand the Fenways and Wrigleys or even the new Yankeee baseball specific stadium. Canadian baseball fans are a watered down version of the real thing, wankerish baseball fans really, and they are fine with the concrete bowl, while they might know better they don't have baseball in their hearts like the US as much as they think they do. Not. Some Canadians might love baseball and all the traditions to death but if they live in Canada, they are in the wrong country.

The future in Canada is football, whatever variety, CFL, NFL, soccer whatever, baseball is low man on the field sport totem pole in Canada. It's just going to keep going down and down and down. The Expos leaving was huge.


The Rogers Centre will never be the home of a permanent NFL franchise.

Lets forget for a second that it's too small. Recall that the NFL has some stupid rule where the roads have to be closed down for a certain distance around the stadium, something about security or terrorist attacks yadda yadda yadda. Do you think anyone's gonna let a good chunk of the Front/Spadina/University intersections be shut down for 8 regular season games and a bunch of preseason games? People got p*ssed off when it happened twice this past year for the two Bills games.

A new stadium would be required, and it would have to be built in the suburbs. Unless there is some kind of successful Olympics bid, there will never be another large stadium built with any public dollars in Toronto. The one consideration would be if Rogers was in on the new NFL team, demmo'd the Rogers Centre and sold the land to developers for condos, and then used the money to build an NFL-calibre stadium in the 'burbs.

dmont, the Rogers Centre is fine for some years for the NFL if they can get the thing to near 60,000 even if it bugs baseball fans. Yes, the sightlines for football there aren't that good compared with baseball, but ok and it's a retractable roof for pete sakes. I heard from what I read in the paper from people from the States for the Bills game they really liked it. It'll be fine for football.

Baseball fanatics will need a new stadium before the NFL will if Tanenbaum et al. come up with the big bucks for the Bills or NFL team whatever. It'll be interesting how this works out.

Most of my post was about the NFL's rule to close off all the streets around the stadium on game day. No one will stand for this more than twice per year.

I have never seen the streets around the area NFL stadiums closed off for ANY reason.

If any taxpayer money goes into another free playpen for the Blue Jays, while all our NHL teams never got one penny of federal aid for their arenas, there will be hell to pay. And if potential CFl cities like halifax, Quebec and even London, Ontario don’t get one penny, while Toronto gets another half billion, there will be even more hell to pay. Me thinks the reason this writer brings up a new stadium is he can see the writing on the wall for this Blue Jays franchise. In that they are on their last legs. And like the Expos, there won’t be any new stadium to save them.

This will never happen.
It’'s nothing more then a slow sports day for this clown to even think up such a ridiculous story.

Toronto already got $27 million from the feds for BMO stadium. The feds are contributing $15 million towards the new Winnipeg stadium complex, but stipulated that money must be spent on equipment for the adjoining athletic centre to be built on the University campus, not for construction of the football stadium.

Well ,it just has to bug baseball fanatics to see what's going on in Winnipeg with a new stadium, BMO for soccer fans, Vancouver, again football and soccer, Hamilton maybe for football if the Pan-Am Games work out and Rogers subtly changing the RC to a more football look possibly.

But so much money went into the RC and then BMO, Toronto is out for more money for stadiums for a while you have to think.

Toronto still has a baseball team?

IMO Rogers Centre probably won't even work as a temporary home, definitely not as a permanent home. The average NFL stadium is 70,000+.

There's no way that an expansion/relocated NFL team would play in what would be the smallest stadium in the NFL after paying $1 billion for the team.

Toronto's Olympic plan called for the new stadium to be built on the east port lands

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I don't think the City of Toronto, nor the government will fund a new baseball stadium.

There was talk of renovating the stadium, Removing Hard Rock/Windows Restaurant and the hotel. making it a complete bowl, that could add 15,000. As well as sinking the field to make the sideline sights a better and add a few more seats for an NFL only stadium. However it's stupid seeing as the Blue Jays would probably make more money than an NFL team would in gate revenue.

I have never heard that (about taking out the Hard Rock/Windows Restaurant and the hotel) It sounds like it would work.

Well, I take back everything I have ever posted about the RC not being able to accommodate the NFL. It'll probably cost hundreds of millions, but it'll be cheaper than an all-new stadium.

This renovation of the Skydome can't happen because first where would the Blue Jays play while this job is going on?
And second how bad will it look for the blue Jays usual 15,000 to be lost in a 70,000 seat stadium.
And third, if this reno costs millions, I ain't paying for it.
Ted Rogers' offspring can get out the chequebook.

...I see RC is slashing ticket prices for this years Bills game citing tough economic times...probably should have just come out and said they were too fricking expensive the first time 'round....does anyone think they'll sell out now with TO in TO and lower prices?....

Toronto's sports teams should try winning something first, before talking about anything new !