Toronto vs Winnipeg: supreme boredom

This is probably the most borring game of football ive ever seen(apart from last years Superbowl).

Speargon Wynn? yikes … please Damon,learn to thrown with your left hand some time soon… Kevin glenn? well… good news is he didnt throw any interceptions. Bad news is, neither quarterbacks could throw anything into the end zone all night. haha Milt, isint this like the sencond time this season you almost got a touchdown and ended up with nothing?

At least we got to see Charles Roberts run like crazy all night as opposed Ricky Williams who just running backwards hmm… musta been some of that bag filled with white stuff he was carrying all night lol…

I can understand it was boring on TV but if you were at the game it was very exciting.

any game where the Bombers win isn't boring, acturally, it was nail bitting there cuz TD mite have won it if they could just get the ball into the endzone for a TD.

Any win for the Blue Bombers these days has to be exciting in Winnipeg. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL yes... in winnipeg.

what you running there ESA......a Minnkota.......

Sure wasn't boring to this guy, loved watching Roberts do his stuff and the Bombers d completely control Williams and the Argos, a great game to watch IMO.
The Bombers d is going to be a force to be reckoned with, that's for sure.

Let's be honest people the game was good it was good in the standpoint the Bombers won and that the Charles Roberts show that he is a CFL Leader in Rushing.

So what? we already know that Roberts is the best in the league. I would rather see someone unheard of to step up and make a name for himself!