Toronto vs Winnipeg Preview with Expert Picks

Friday Night Football finally seemed like a long week, interesting game at least tonight in Toronto Winnipeg but it could be a classic with Toronto being the better team but winnipeg has the crowd and the heart.
Going with toronto to cover and the under tonight :thup:

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7-6 in the first quarter. Despite all the negativity about the Bombers, surprisingly, they quite often look like an okay team.

terrific short yardage D by the Bombers. Ray has been sharp with typical short, quick passes.

Buck has looked pretty good actually. The Pic was unfortunate. when he has time, he seems to do well, but I think the Argos will be up by 3 scores soon, and the Bombers will be one dimensional. Their play-calling has been very poor offensively, while the Argo's misdirection is keeping the Bomber D at bay. Bombers continue to have huge concerns on the OL as well.

Yeah, this one's sliding away fast. Ricky Ray is just playing throw and catch now.

and No mercy rule unfortunately.

Ray...19/20 for 286 before getting dinged...and the one miss was an in the numbers drop! Hope he is ok. Then Krackert. And Drurie was linping to.

Well at least Bombers got a few more reps for Goltz. Definitely don't want RR hurt. The league needs the asset.

When it's Toronto vs. Winnipeg, it's not just if you win or lose. It's how many players go to the hospital.

It seems like every time these teams play each other, there are serious injuries on both sides. In all my years of watching the Bombers, I've never seen a rivalry that guaranteed injuries on both sides like the one with Toronto--tough football :twisted:

It was not a great game for the Bombers, but let's not forget that their best 3 weapons were missing.

Argos were dominant, looked like GC defending champs.

The Argos did look good today, at least on O. They had a great game plan coming in. The D looked good, but it is hard to truly judge, as the Bombers have not exactly been a force offensively this season, and had some pretty dismal play calling in this one...likely in part to 3 of the starting receivers missing the game.