Toronto vs Ottawa

Friend of mine has season’s tickets in Ottawa and did make the trek. Says today’s crowd is “pathetic.”

Maybe if the game wasn't scheduled for late afternoon on a Sunday. A 4-5 hour trip back after the game would leave most getting home about midnight -1 a.m. assuming they don't get caught in too much traffic getting out of the city - not great for those who have to work tomorrow.

Argos uniforms look chill I say - tied at 7 each

I got a text from my friend at the game and he says it is the smallest crowd he has ever seen there. He just texted 'I'm guessing about 8-9,000 people actually here'.

rcon - it's making a TFC crowd look big in comparison - and that's doing something. :smiley:

Oh and for those wondering Jays lead 6-5 in the 3rd inning - so no need to turn to check their score - keep watching the Argos game. :slight_smile:

For those not in the GTA the Canadian National Exhibition is on (started Friday) and on a beautiful summer day that is going to draw the crowds. It'll be interesting to see how having the BMO on the Exhibition grounds impacts attendance at Argos games should they play a home game when it is on late in August.

Interesting to know tabbiefan, the Pacific National Exhibition is on in Vancouver also.
10-7 Argos after FG

Well if they have to move 2-3 of their home games due to the Jays and get an agreement to use Tim Hortons Field, it might give a good indication of the type of attendance they could get at BMO next season. Of course if they use THF and attendance is bad, it will be strange to see the Ticats home, which has always been sold out so far, looking empty (or at least less than full).

TFC had several crowds well under 5000 people just two seasons ago..Yesterday's game was still only around 15.

I'm going to request that all Hamilton fans going to a Jays game where some form of Ti-Cat memorabilia to the game to try to drum up CFL interest.

I often have worn my Ti-Cats hat to Jays games. :slight_smile:

Argo TD [wide open] by Girly from Harris - 17-7 Toronto at the half

Flag...flag flag flag, completely blown coverage and left wide open by about 25 yards.. Why do CFL teams even try to play zone coverage? When the fundamentals of the game completely escape you,like you don't back a guy up for 20 yards and then pancake him.How the heck are you going to play zone coverage?

The revamped leafs are going to be even worse for they have been in the past few years.

If I was a coach and I had a player take a stupid moronic pancaking penalty like that, he would have been cut already and not allowed on the field to commit a second penalty. Like when I errect scaffolfing, if I accidentally drop anything. I'm basicly unemployed. If I were to purposely throw something I'd be blackballed from the industry.. These moronic penalties can not be tolerated anymore

Sigh, GURLEY... :roll:

I can't believe they didn't, at the very least, sell out the seats that are in front of the cheerleaders... :cowboy:


Fixed now EvilD - Dam, good pointing that out though.
Ott TD - Tied up at 17

They just panned the crowd with the camera and I can honestly say that a crowd like that would be close to 20k if counted by TFC's bean counters... In reality,it is less than 10k though

Hum dinger pick-off - TD REDBLACKS and now lead 24-17