Toronto vs Montreal

This game should be closer than the East Final last year.......and history to be made is in on the agenda too with Calvillo throwing a TD pass to an Alouette player. Mmmm, Who is it going be?

I'm hoping it goes to my favourite player other than Calvillo on that team SJ Green. :slight_smile: It won't be Richardson because he's out injured.

...what if AC throws a pick-six to Parker? does that count?...

Call it a hunch, but I see Montreal taking this one easily.

...It's going to be a beat-down :wink:

I'll go with Brian Bratton from Calvillo.

Toronto wins a close one! You heard it here first, remember that! :cowboy:

The game is being broadcast on

I wonder how often Duane Ford will tell us it is really hot in Montreal tonight ?

For those not in Canada who cannot get it on the TSN site, here is the HD broadcast and the ESPN3 feed as well:

[url=] ... yout=popup[/url]

The commercials are not as good though, but at least we don't have to hear that stupid whiny Friday night football song.

FWIW, the US sponsors of ESPN 3's coverage include some notable names:

BF Goodrich
Jim Beam
US Navy

Wow, Owens return, Argos td, not expecting this.

Owens, hit hard!

owens should have had that td last quarter

Argos hanging in tough. :o

Good D by Toronto, thus the games so far have been tighter this year. Montreal is on the move and looks to be on the verge of breaking the 10-10 tie.

Montreal, nice there with McPherson, td probably for Als... we'll see... Well Bratton td, had to come... Ouch Argos there...

Toronto's D has started to suck.

really noticing Huntley not there, especially on the 3rd and 1 plays.

Brandon Wittaker has 150 yards in one half of football..... Avon not calling or tweeting anymore ...

Good.d Arvos.

True, Avon who??? Avon, bring it baby tomorrow! :thup:

Buck needs to watch how AC goes down and when