Toronto vs. Montreal... who should I cheer for?

So here I am just an hour or so from kick-off and as a Blue Bomber fan I can't decide who to cheer for in this game. Either way a win will move one of these teams closer to my Bombers. As such I can't really decide which way the Bombers would be worse off. So what do you guys think? What outcome would benefit the Blue Bombers most, or alternatively hurt the Bombers least? Montreal winning or Toronto?

A tie! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That would help or hurt the most / least. (Depending if you are a "half full / half empty" kind of person!)

I doubt there could possibly be two ties in one season. Then again you never know. In any case that would be the best outcome possible IMO. However I deem a tie very unlikely and so I ask again, who winning would benefit the Bombers the most?

Montreal winning would be the best for Wpg.

If Toronto wins and Wpg loses....Toronto takes over first. Wpg will stay in first if they lose and Mtl wins.

True, but I can just see Toronto losing most of their games while Bishop is injured and Montreal suddenly getting hot. If Toronto goes 1-4 without Bishop (the one win being tonight against Montreal) and Montreal goes 4-1 then Montreal suddenly becomes the threat. In the end though I think I will cheer for Montreal just because the Bombers have already won the season series against them.

The winner! Toronto of course sorry Ro! But the Als are in for a rebuilt engine if you know what I mean.

I didnt say who would would win. I answered which winner is better for Wpg!

Well, it looks like Winnipeg is safe for one more week, but watch out, Ti-Cats are due to break out!

Well, the Als may not be flashy, but they do come to play every night and get full marks for their victory tonight. Good job and thanks :wink:

See Piggy....I said before the season started Winnipeg would be challenging for first.....(Yeah, I know its only week 5)

Win or lose tonight, they will still be first, at least for another week. :wink:

All I have to say is.....GO ALS GO!