Toronto vs Leos

Lions by 7.5 vs Argos or B.C. wins 30-19...Please let this be Misunderstood - Lets go Argos :slight_smile:

Lions by 15 is more like it. Argos still have no receivers.

My weekly excuse to be angry. Watching the Argos.

This should already be 7-0 not 2-0. Looks like Jyles is picking up where lemon left off

Simon looked like he wanted to extend the ball over the goal line instead of tucking it away…fumble Argo ball
Thus B.C. gets the safety from the punter 2-0 B.C.

Backer my evil nemisis. thought you would still be too sad from last night to post today.

N e 1 else notice bc uses signals instead of the miced helmate?

Didn’t work out for the Eskies, Burris being the leader that he is bounced back. Congrats

Nice grab by Simon

WOW.. Perfect punt by McCallum

Pins team Blew deep

Lions black unis look great; that's the way it was back in 1969 vs Sask. being my first game at Empire.

Argo bounce from Prefontaine on the punt; back and forth they go 5-0 B.C. leads

I wonder how many times Rod Black will remind us that Arland Bruce used to be an Argo ?

Minimum… 6 more times!

Last week.. we were reminded Avon Cobourne was an ex Al at least 20 times.... this is week TEN.. we bloody well know what team he played for last year!

I was just bustin you chops. Gona be tight to the finish

mcallum can still boot!!

lol... looks like releasing the QB was not the fix the Blew team were looking for.. Lemon left his stats here for this week!

TD Lions!!

Argos need to run wildcat or wishbone. Just run the ball. Air isn’t working.

picked off by a WR… nice

maybe the Argos should’ve made sure Jyles could play before they cut Lemon…

That WHOLE team is a mess... dare I say. .worse than Winnipeg during the Mike Kelly tenure!