Toronto vs Hamilton on Labour Day 1950-2022, 2023

Argo fans I know don’t care about Labour Day. Frankly I don’t care about it like I did when I was a kid.
It’s just another game we need to win to get to the Grey Cup.


'03 was when the majority of my group of about 25 fans all started watching the team (more than randomly) and we bought seasons in '05.

what a wonderful trip it has been.

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Curious how many of them are still there? I know my group has dwindled.

Last week’s grades are in and the TiCats’ defence got the best mark (74.2) of the 8 teams that played (SSK had a bye), topping WPG’s D by 2.1.

Hamilton’s offence got the third best mark (75.0), 3.4 less than TOR’s and 1.1 below EDM’s.

The Argos defence was graded well below ours @ 66.4.
The combined grades for offences and defences put the TiCats @ #1, 4.4 total marks ahead of TOR and 4.6 up on WPG.


we are down to 12 in the season ticket holder group, and generally get 3-5 more per game. So about 15 in the group.

20 years of …

excitement? disappointment?

nah, entertainment! (even when things aren’t going so well)


As most of us know, momentum really does not apply week to week; so we most likely will see the typical ticats rather than last week’s edition.
Last time we played the Argos, they “toyed” with us until they needed a score…and quickly drew up a play and executed the play and us. Expect we’ll see the same…but as they say “anything can happen”…so I’ll be at the game hoping “something GOOD will happen”.


As we think back on the past, this is a great time to remember last year’s Labour Day Classic. Our first and only Labour Day loss at THF (28-8), and the only game ever started by QB Jamie Newman.

Newman led the offence to 1 point on the day (a punt single), with the other 7 points scored by the defence on a pick 6. He went 14 of 25 for 171 yards and an INT, and ran for a further 24 yards on 6 carries. He was replaced by Jalen Morton late in the third quarter.

Newman’s 171 passing yards in that game made up the lion’s share of the 175 yards of his brief CFL career. He also did well in short yardage situations with 5 rushing TDs in 2022.

Despite these unspectacular achievements, I realize there are many Ticat fans who remember Newman with fondness. To the point where he has earned a permanent spot at #3 on our QB depth chart, despite apparently quitting the game of football.

The far more promising Taylor Powell struggles to replace Newman in the hearts of those fans, who relegate Powell to the imaginary fourth string position as they ponder Newman’s whereabouts.

Jamie Newman. Number 14 on his jersey. Number 3 on the depth chart. Forever.


I really never understood how some were excited by Newman.

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For what it’s worth I always thought the 4th string title was a compliment and meant to give Powell even more benefit of the doubt considering he didn’t join the team until halfway through camp 2 days before Newman was suspended.

I have never figured out why so many on this forum seem to be high on this guy. He was a big body for short yardage situations. After that, nothing. My opinion , only.


Big arm, size and mobility. Had one big college year and there was some talk of him being a high NFL pick. He was about to transfer to a higher profile school then Covid hit and he opted out of the next season. Could just be one of those enigmatic players for whom football isn’t life or death.

Apart from short yardage we really only saw him the one game against a fantastic defence. Cats were only down by a field goal when Morten came in and looked completely like a deer in the headlights. Turned the ball over deep in our end on his first possession which Argos quickly turned into a TD then rolled the rest of the way.

Maybe we see Newman in one of the spring leagues next year or never hear of him again.

A little something for the other old guys, here:
It’s rare to see colour film of the early TiCats, but there are very quick clips, in this, first of Bernie Faloney & Ralph Goldston in '60, then, from 7 years earlier, Bernie Custis and Art Darch, and Custis, again, in front of Lou Kusserow.


I recall Newman having trouble completing even short passes in that game, why he was even on the roster?

It’s one of those life-long mysteries to me. Guys that have played QB their entire lives, then come up to the CFL and forget how to throw the most basic pass.

It’s actually something that made Powell stand out to me immediately. He can hit the receivers, and usually without making them leap or dive for the ball. And he is not trying to show off his arm strength when a touch pass has a better chance of a successful outcome.


Powell is a good QB with plenty of potential but needs a OC who sees that potential and receivers that can catch the football. WE have a slight lack of those IMO


So you think Milanovich is not a fan of Powell?


No thats not what I said.

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Thanks for clarifying.


Weather prediction for Monday…. Sunny and very hot at 33C (feels like 39C) around game time.

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With weather like that I hope that we don’t do something stupid like dressing in our all black uniforms . Nothing like being out in 95-100+ F dressed head to toe in heat adsorbing black .