Toronto vs Edmonton

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A win in this game will do wonders as the next few games will be the acid test.

If you wanna win you can't let them hang around into the 4th quarter.You've got a very strong O, BURY THEM!And on D, bring the pressure and hit Lemon and he will screw up often.NFL experience does little for you in the CFL.

One thing we need to do is control Boyd. He leads the league in rushing yards, and let's be honest, we haven't been that great against the run this season. Control Boyd and pressure Lemon, and hopefully the Esks will get the win.

On offence, Edmonton needs to convert in the redzone.

Ah yes the red zone. Sooner or later this season the Esk's will explode on both sides of the ball and bury a given team. I hope it is this game. However, Mo Lloyd and the boys will be coming after Lemon, and as usual Cleo will find some kind of loop hole. To tell you the truth; I like Lemons poise, he can take a hit and will come back right at em. Anyways we may see Skyler Greene on kick returns.

Well said Chief, and the latest stats to back your first point on what is ultimately a terrible run defence are in the latest telling stats on our Esks I just posted a few days ago in that thread.

Also averaging three allowed sacks per game, dead last in the CFL, is not helping us and must continue to improve after allowing five in our first game.

Eh. I can't say I'm too upset with this loss. I don't believe Edmonton deserved to win. We had a lot of luck in the second half. There were two penalties that allowed us to extend the Barnes TD drive. Without those we wouldn't've had the TOP advantage that we did. Then there was the missed PI called that resulted in an INT by Goss, and then a TD run by Zabransky. Then things evened out when we got called for a sketchy PI, which resulted in the winning TD for TO.

The team showed some signs, but it was still a sloppy effort. Oh, and I've had just about enough of Hill. Guy kept getting dragged along the field by Boyd, but kept trash talking. :roll:

Probably the worst news is we may be going into Calgary without Stamps. If that's the case, this team will easily be 1-6.

while edmonton didnt deserve to win.. how they lost i think is bs. 2 pass interference calls.. both kinda iffy... on the drive that lead to the argos winning td.

i think those refs need a talking too.

its irrelevant but those were the same refs who missed the kevin glenn fumble a couple weeks back vs the bombers.

just sayin.

doesnt mean anything.. just sayin.. if ur gonna call pass interference on one time... call it on the other team also.

The fourth quarter did seem to get tangled up in penalties. What are you gonna do?

get rid of those incompetent refs?

Damn right we were lucky, and Toronto earned the win with that 94-yard drive and some real luck on two catches. But damn did this loss hurt and Stamps might be out awhile too. :frowning:

I was hoping the Eskies could work out some pass and kick play to earn the single at the end, as whatever they were trying to do was awful. Such with little time left in a half is the rare part of the fine Canadian game where you just start playing rugby in pads. Sitting here as armchair coach again, is it really asking to much for our coaches to have them practise such a play as did Barker his Argos as evidenced earlier this season!? :roll:

New Positives:
This is the first game we allowed zero sacks!
No substantive turnovers

Same Negatives:
Again we committed too many stupid penalties, and it is hard to win in most any league when you allow 183 yards rushing even when you out-rush the other team. Also though not rushing yardage in stats but often effectively the same, Boyd had 4 receptions for 46 yards with one touchdown receiving of his three total.

Our rush defence really still sucks. It's probably time now for someone else to get the axe.

Except for the last PI no-call in front of the bench, it seems to me they were consistently incompetent at least. :frowning:

I thought the last PI call which resulted in first and goal Argos at the one was lame. Am I upset, you betcha. However, Lemon and Boyd both played a great game and like I said earlier Lemon & company would have found a loop hole to win no matter which way I look at. Too bad for Stamps as it's some kind of shoulder injury, not good. Next week we are at McMahon to face Burris and company.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but I think the first field goal for Toronto actually was wide to the right. Watch the replay. That is 3 points right there. Edmonton would have won the game.

The thing is; On T.V. I agree it looks like a miss, but from the Referees point of view is they are right under it looking straight up as the ball passes by the uprights and thus the right call is made.

Correct ...

For some of us having to watch the games via pirate transmissions in the notorious CFL Underground down here :stuck_out_tongue: , I am loving it but for the kicks some of us can't see at all on the screen so have to take the word of the announcers for it all the more.

I wouldn't say it was a "sketchy" field goal that beat us. It was our inability to stop Boyd.

Bottom line about that game… our defence failed to show up for pretty much most of the 1st half. It was embarrassing. Not to take anything away from the Argos - I knew they were better than expected after watching them play Calgary previously this season - but the Esks handed them yards and points.

Everything that happened at the end is irrelevant to me because the game never should’ve gotten to that point. And because the D played so awful it pains me to admit that this team probably won’t make the playoffs this year. I hope to be proven wrong, but the way they’re going they’d lose a game of find your foot.