Should be a heck of a game all the way around. As we all know anything can happen in the playoffs and it might be alittle early but I still see these two lining up in the Grey Cup this year. A Grey Cup preview? What do you guys think?

Winnipeg will rep the East after beating Toronto in an east final (qurd or semi) like Montreal beat TO last season. so the Grey Cup will be beteew the Bombers and Stamps, and look out Cowtown, cuz Winnipeg is out for boold and the cup this time around!!! MUHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

See the Blue Bombers fly up! UP!!!

Keep smoking the good stuff Kanga :roll:

A Toronto Calgary Grey Cup is a good possibility. I think it will be the best game this weekend.

Kanga did you watch the game last weekend! Chuckle! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Scooty no talk of GC from us Calgary fans yet! The road to the west is through BC Lions and if we do not find away to beat them I think BC will be there befoe the Stamps!

I tink it will be BC or Calgary from the Vest against Montreal or Vinnipeg from the Est.

riders vs argo's :lol: im hoping anyway lol

BC doesn't have ANYTHING on Calgary!!!

To advance, Calgary would have to find out how to beat BC as BC has won 4 consecutive meetings.


As Much As It Pains Me To Say It I’m Not To Confidant That Toronto Will Make It Past The Finals, If I Had To Make A Guess I’d Say That Montreal Will Continue To Slide Untill Hitting A Winning Streak In The Last Few Weeks Of The Season. Thus They’ll Finish Up Second In The East, Continue That Streak Through Both Winnipeg, And Toronto.

On The Other Side I’d Pick BC. Simply For The Reason That 3rdperson Illuded To And That Is That BC Has Won Every Exchange This Season Between BC And Calgary.

Not only has BC won the past 3 regular-season games against the Stamps (it's at least a 5-game winning streak if you include pre-season), they've won HANDILY against the Stamps. 31-16 (2005 pre-season), 40-27, 39-31, 57-13 (2006 pre-season), 43-20. You could argue that last year, the Stamps took off right when BC started crashing down, and that this year the Stamps hadn't hit their stride when they played the Lions in week 6. But those are excuses ... Nevertheless, as much as I hate to plug another team, the Stamps are gonna have to figure out a way past BC before they can start thinking about the Grey Cup ... that, or hope BC freefalls.

Of course, this is assuming the Stamps can continue to beat the Riders. And that the Esks don't (somehow) come along ... and if they do, that the Stamps can beat them.

And also, anything can happen in the playoffs, and it usually does ...

Last year was last year. But Kanga, keep taking us lightly, :roll: and keep underestimating us. :roll: We want the other teams to take us lightly! :roll:

I think the back to back series with Calgary will be a good preview of whats to come. Both teams have excellent receiving core. I give Calgary the edge in the running game, and BC the edge in the Quarterbacking game. Both defenses have played well. I'm looking forward to the two games in October.

The deciding factor could be depth and how injuries play a role.

In the East, A crap shoot, but Toronto looks the most consistant now. Can Montreal turn things back on track? Keep dreaming Kanga about Winnipeg. Unless they get hot and Toronto and Montreal self destruct, they will not make it on the shoulders of a back up Quarterback (Glenn).

BC is looking to lose a few games in the next few weeks! :twisted:

I don't see any problem with this as his guess is as good as any one elses.

Other possiblities are :



the list is endless.

CALGARY Vs. TORONTO could possible happen.

Kanga, you're pretty dead certain that BC is gonna stumble. So who are they going to lose to? Saskatchewan? Hamilton? Calgary? Winnipeg? Of course anything can happen, and I definitely don't think they'll go 6-0, but look at some of these games. Hamilton and Winnipeg aren't very good football teams. BC is the best team in the league ... and they have Calgary's number. Until SHOWN otherwise, logic, expectation, rationale, reason, and probability dictate that BC will finish first in the west, and likely first overall, too. Why? Simply because right now, there's no foreseeable reason for them NOT to. They've PROVEN themselves to be good this year. They've made NO indication that they'll slip to 3rd, for example.

Kanga is just trying to demonstrate why so many think he's an idiot , making dumb statements with no rationale behind them. His rationale , he don't like BC therefore they'l lose. :roll: Just wait till they lay another classic whupping on your bombers Kanga before the seasons out , and unfortunately , that just may be what those Esks will need to take your playoff spot. That's right ypur teams playoff spot is in jepordy for your info, because they may be hard pressed to win another this year .

I agree much like Montreal at the start they looked unbeatable! But thats face it Montreal was looking great until they met the Stamps who found their game. Since the double beating the Als have suffered greatly. I think it is a matter of time the Lions will be solved but a good team they are and I do not see them not being in 1st place at the end of the season.

EDMONTON , hasn't missed the play offs in how many years?

I believe the last time that they missed them was in 1971.

Wasn't that the year that CALGARY beat TORONTO , 14 to 11 in the , GREY CUP?

However , TORONTO did beat CALGARY in WINNIPEG [2006] , in 1991.

So why not CALGARY Vs. The ARGOS in the rubber match in , WINNIPEG? :wink: :rockin: :cowboy: :lol:

I think that a CALGARY / TORONTO match up , could happen. Maybe , maybe not.

B.C. lost the West Final last year at home , didn't they?

Anything can happen in the CFL. :thup:

A TORONTO / CALGARY match up is as good a guess as any one's :thup:

Regardless , it should be 1 hell of a game. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Can RICKY save his football career [both CFL and NFL]

Can ALLEN bounce back from his worst performance in recent years on "his day".

Will the "dark horse" CALGARY continue to prove that they are for real.Can they pull off a Hamilton and win back to back games Vs. the ARGOS and catch B.C.? :wink:

  1. see about for rationale
  2. you forgot the bombed my team did to yours last season.
  3. EE couldn't beat the Cats, we beat them once, Winnipeg just needs a win or two to get into the playoffs, so you see, we have nothing to really worrie about.

Saskatchewan for sure, both teams have and will slip their series, the Riders need one more win from BC to do that, Hamilton pulled off two big wins agaist EE, and I think they will agaist BC as well as this Cats team finally comes togerther. Calgary for sure, cuz they are on a roll, and Winnipeg is hurgruy for that win to get them into the playoffs over EE, so they could be BC as well.