Toronto vs Blue Bombers

Excellent weather tonight for the game in Winnipeg. Buck Pierce against Jackson - thus perhaps the Bombers/Toronto will/could be up against some good Defensive plays to set for a low scoring game?

No Ricky Ray = No Chance

Bombers will crush the Arblows ... 29 - 9.

we'll see, I'd like to see harris play more than jackson, but i dont think there will be a significant drop in play tonight from a normal argos game, maybe im wrong

And that's why the Argos will lose this game. Unless Winnipeg continues to gift wrap points for them. Seven play from 1st and goal to score? This offense is horrible.

Penalty aided BS....PI call..led to the first TD. Pierce picked off for a major...14-0 Argos

gift wrap you say :lol:

Anyone have a link to a free stream

[url=] ... nipeg.html[/url]

Awesome.. .thanks a ton..

That was a pass. Should be a penalty for intentional grounding.

I don't think they can call the penalty now though if this is overturned.

The keystone cops return. :roll:

This game needs Andre Proulx I say ....these Refs are a wash not noticing the challenge flag by the Argo coach?
Mind you....Argos have come to play leading 21-0

On field officials never saw the challenge flag, the command centre :lol: (sorry always makes me laugh) allowed the officials to continue the game while they were reviewing or went back for a second review after the flag was finally seen.

Video review is making a joke of the game. I would rather see it gone than have this clown act interfere with every game. :roll:

I agree; beginning to see your point dcmoses - Buck just got rocked...Elliott in..Argos are rolling big time.

Roughing the passer???? It was nowhere near a late hit. Anybody know if the helmet to helmet hit falls under the roughing the passer?

Does anyone know how to tackle anymore these days ??!!!

I'm so sick of these punk a$$es and their helmet to helmet BS hits ...

Helmet to helmet should equal a game misconduct , PERIOD !!!

Anybody know if the helmet to helmet hit falls under the roughing the passer?
Of #$@!! course it does !!! And the fact that even have to ask is .... !!??

Not questioning whether it should be a penalty, but whether it falls under Roughing the Passer or another penalty. Have no problem with 15 yards for the hit just curious about what specific penalty applies.

Thanks for your kind response Flying_A#$@!! :roll:

I'm watching Argentina vs. New Zealand rugby, so I'm only following this game on game tracker during breaks in play. What happened to Pierce? Is it serious?