Toronto vs BC Lions PBP Game Thread June 9 2024

Looking forward to a decent game display by the Lions and the Argonauts.


Hope it will be a great game! Go Argos!

Some fun facts mentioned in the media notes;

  • Gm #103: This game will be the 103rd in their long rivalry waged across 1961 to 2023 when CFL ‘interlocking’ play began.
  • #53 at Toronto - BC up 28-24: These clubs have met 52 times in Toronto with the series in favour of BC 28 wins to 24. Along with Ottawa, Toronto is the ONLY club that BC has an edge over on the road across their complete history. Toronto has won the last 3 games in this matchup in Toronto however.
  • Recent Matchups: The Argos have a current 2-game win streak vs BC and have won 3 of the last 4 meetings. Since 2012, the Lions have the edge however 11 wins to 9.
  • Vernon Adams Jr.: Will be making his 52nd career start and he brings a 32 19 record. He is just 2-4 vs Toronto in 6 career starts (Toronto is the ONLY club with a winning record vs Adams in his starts). Adams racked up 10 games of 300+ passing yards in 2023 - 3 more than other QB and was sacked 42 times.
  • Cameron Dukes: Will be making his 3rd career start with Chad Kelly unavailable indefinitely and to at least mid-season. Dukes is 1- 1 with both starts coming within the final 5-game season-ending run in 2023 for Toronto. In his two starts he averaged 274 passing yards and had 2 TD passes and 2 interceptions.
  • 24 BC wins / 12 road wins: The Lions won 24 games across 2022-23, matching their most in consecutive seasons since 2007-08 (25 wins). Their 12 road wins over two seasons is their highest total since 1985-86 (13).
  • 16 wins: The Argonauts set a club record and tied the all-time CFL wins record with their 16-2 mark in 2023.
  • DaVaris Daniels: Is now the CFL’s leading ACTIVE receiver with 5,579 yards and 366 receptions. He ranks #92 all-time.

BC should dominate??

Great data there, @BetweenTheGoalposts


I believe they are the most heavily favoured team of all the weekend games and that is with them being on the road. All of the writers picked BC to win. My guess is that is because of the fact Dukes is starting only his 3rd game ever.

The Argos still have the league’s best Oline that allowed only 19 sacks last year and Carey at RB, who can’t be any worse than Oulette was yesterday. I think a lot will depend on how their defence plays and how much time Adams is given to throw. Toronto definitely lost some very good players on defense but did gain Ceresna the beast. I picked BC but it might not be the blowout expected by many.

I will be particularly interested to see how many show up to watch. The Argos attendance was trending upward after a Grey Cup win in ‘22 and a 16-2 season, but soiling the bed in the playoffs and then the Chad Kelly incident might cause it to plummet again. I sincerely hope not.


My prediction for attendance today is a single digit crowd . They will be playing in front of family and friends and a whole bunch of butt ugly looking red seats .

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I hate it when the Lions are heavy favourites. Bad karma. Watch Dukes make a statement. Hope I’m wrong


I will be tuning in from Europe on CFL+ which has been great all weekend. For all 3 games thus far, I watched the first half live in the early hours, then picked up from where i left off the next morning. Cfl for breakfast baby!

I’m nervous about this one, will be looking for McInnis and Cottoy to show up. Also will be interested to see how run-heavy BC will be.


Glad I turned on the TV. Thought the game started in an hour but it starts right away. Hope it’s a good one, although I do expect some of the early season rust we saw in the first 3 games from all 6 teams.


Hope this will be a trap game for BC. Dukes is about to throw for 4 TD and 400 Yards lol

Got any good Lotto numbers?

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If the weather is TO is anything like it’s been around here today less than 2 hours north, it’ll be chilly and windy, especially by the lake. We had rain most of the day but it’s cleared off now, and it looks like it’s sunny at BMO field.

Great punt by Haggerty. Happy with what I’ve seen from Dukes so far

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I’ll never understand Toronto. You can pay hundreds of dollars to watch an under achieving Leafs team of multi-millionaires or pay a tenth of that price and watch a game where people play with a bit more passion and love of the game.


Decent return by Grant as well. I think he will make you forget about Leake pretty quickly.

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If I lived closer I would be at every game.

It’s crazy they can’t get more people in the stands


It will be interesting to see how BC Pinter Stefan flintoft does this year.

In his final year of his contract and has declined year over year, in my opinion.

He needs to put up some great numbers.

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It has been like this in Toronto since the 1980s. A brief renaissance in the early 90s with the Candy-McNall-Gretsky ownership. I am just thankful the MLSE owns them and pays the bills in exchange for a handsome tax write off. I have no solutions to this problem.


Hope Carey does well. Really liked him in Calgary. Good guy.