Toronto v Montreal - - EDF

Rematch of the slaughtering from 2010. Toronto was completely unprepared for that one - - came in expecting man to man coverage and couldn't make any adjustments when they realized Montreal was playing zone. Hopefully the Argos are a bit more prepared for this one.

Interesting to note that Toronto was a 10 point underdog back in 2010 and this year they're a 5.5 point dog.

Biggest factor in this one is going to be the Toronto defence. If they come with the same scheme as last week against Edmonton, I'm afraid they're going to be crushed.

Ego Jones rarely allows his front four to pass rush. His concept of bringing pressure is to have the DLine NOT pass rush - - just engage their blockers and blitz his two undersized OLBs, Ball and Issac, hoping that at least one of them will be coming free.

It works if one of the OLBs can be unblocked and get a free shot on the QB. But neither Ball nor Issac have any ability to beat a RB, TE or WR that stays in to block. And that's when everything falls apart for Toronto. It leaves the QB with too much time and more importantly, the secondary can't cover the receivers one on one for so long. Plus, there's no LBs other than Bobby McCune to try and cover the short intermediate routes.

That's why Edmonton kept trying long passes to start the game last week - - to take advantage of the single coverage. Toronto got away with it because Old Yeller Joseph had no accuracy on his deep ball. And other than Fred Stamps, the Edmonton receivers are mediocre. There's no comparison between what Edmonton has at QB/WR and what Montreal has. After Nicholls came in, he took advantage of how wide open it was underneath and moved the ball well on his one drive before getting hurt.

If Montreal leaves Lavoie or their RB in to block, Calvillo is going to have all day to throw and that's a huge problem for Toronto. Calvillo is 100 times better than Old Yeller Joseph and the combination of Richardson & Green is better than anything Edmonton has at receiver. Not to mention Trestman being a bit more clever on offensive play calling than Kavis Reed is.

I'm really worried that Ego Jones has spent all week patting himself on the back for shutting down Edmonton and will come back with the same "successful" game plan against Calvillo and the Als.

I expect Calvillo will be testing Jalil Carter at cornerback if PatricK Watkins is a no go.

If Montreal gets single coverage on Richardson it doesn’t matter who’s defending - - Watkins or Carter - - Calvillo will put it up and let Richardson go after it. Last game against Montreal Watkins got torched for a long TD in one of the few times Toronto tried to have him go one on one with Richardson.

Watkins was also torched for a 93 yd TD pass to Chris Williams on during the Nov. 1st clash, which was the second longest TD pass reception in the league this season.
The Argos can ill-afford to have a similar lapse against Calvillo who will most certainly take advantage.


The last game of the year for the Argos and we're stuck with Forde and Black. Is there no one esle available? They couldn't use Dunnigan and go with one less on the panel? They couldn't find a broadcast student at one of the local colleges to take Black's spot? David Pelletier wasn't available?

Kackert fumble. Can we still use "Chad the Fumbler" if it's the other Chad? :wink:

Now I'm really pissed. Even Sirius has Forde and Black. :twisted:

What in the world was Milanovich thinking? This is why the Argos will lose today and won't make the playoffs next season. Milanovich is a clueless tool.

I think the commentary is least of your problems if these turnovers don't stop. :rockin:

Bad coaching call for sure.

Anyone have a stream that doesn't suck?

Argos only hope is if the defense can score enough points to win because the offense is not going anywhere.

You looking for live broadcast?


Two turnovers on consecutive series and giving up 10 pts… not a good start

The first row isn't working and neither is vipbox. Oh well.

firstrow isn’t working and coolsportz doesn’t have it either. Crap. And where I am currently I can’t get espn3.

What's going on? Montreal takes the dumb penalty to extend a drive? The Argos move into scoring position?

Oh, OK. The Argos blow it in the red zone. The universe is balanced again.

No, the Argos didn't blow it. . . Montreal's defence stuffed them. GIve the Als some credit, they get paid to play the game too.

Looks like Milanovich wants to get himself fired with that boneheaded series of playcalls on the 1....

I would have kept Ray in there...