Toronto v Hamilton

Keeps going to the sidelines. Watch Frank throw a pick six ....

holy crap high scoring game

What does does it say for the Argos...Devils food and Hamilton is done. S. Waters seals the deal ...43-40 Argos

Why did Cortez wait so long to call the time out? Basically gave up the game.

Thats just what I was going to post. At least the Cats would have had time to run a couple of plays with a successful field goal attempt.

Hey Evildoctor looks like the fat lady sings. :smiley: :thup: :rockin:

Wow what a game. That was great exposure in the US too.

There was no loafing in this one and it came down to the last seconds for the second and third string of Toronto to win!

This was one VGCC pick I was happy to get wrong.

A little bit of the ghost of '89? Williams makes a catch looks very similar to Tony Champion to tie the game at 40 with a minute to go then they lose on a field goal with no time on the clock and both games at the Skydump.

Cortez deserves to be fired by not calling a timeout with 19 seconds left to at least give his team a chance to get the ball back.

Maybe he got confused and spent 17 seconds looking for his challenge flag. :wink:

Hamilton's defense made a fourth-stringer look like an all-star, as they've done with joey elliot and kerry joseph.

Awesome game, typical back and forth CFL wide open game.
People watching on TV to include NBCSports must be wondering wow.

Just think Hamilton had all those historic stats and only six wins?

And they went down to the wire against a team not even full of starters? All the same, maybe this team tonight of Toronto should be the first team with Ray back in the mix too of course.

Major overhaul is needed in Hamilton for sure and it should not include Henry Burris or Chris Williams unless they are seriously idiots too.

If the Cats get the same offensive output next year, for sure a new defense is needed.

That Williams TD catch near the end is the catch of the year, ala Tony Champion as Suits said on TSN.

Champions was better, but that was still a great grab. Much better game than I expected. Thought it would be a snoozer with so many TO starters out, but turned into a really entertaining game.

Would Hamilton's defence be able to stop the MacMaster Marauders? I mean, those guys are absolutely atrocious. When this is your livelyhood and you suck this bad...Hamilton has no business making the playoffs. Sorry but 7-11 simply isn't good enough, let alone 6-12. Having said that, very exciting game. Hank played really well and the offense did their part.

40 pts against a team playing with a bunch of rookies and backups and you still lose? That's on the defence.

BTW - What was Cortez thinking at the end? Talk about dumb decision. Let's just watch our season run out infront of our eyes....

Now the only question is who can do the best job of looking like they aren't trying to lose to go to the East.

Highest scoring 1st H of the season for Toronto, I believe. Why was Creehan allowed to coach in the 2nd H?

This loss is 100% on the defence, but to be more specific - - 100% on the DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. I spoke with a couple of TiCats after the game and it sounds like Creehan's firing in Hamilton is a given.

Speaking of used car salesmen, I noticed Jim Barker was all smiles front and centre during the big presentation.

Noticed Barker was holding a framed picture of Owens - - was he planning on giving that to Owens or was Jimmy going to take it back and hang it up in his own office?