Toronto v Hamilton

What is the Command Centre doing with that late challenge? Since when does video review review an officials judgement? When is the league going to get rid of these idiots? Before or after they impact a Grey Cup?

When is the league going to get rid of these idiots? Before or after they impact a Grey Cup?
Is there anything you like about the CFL ?

LOL !!! Hi kettle , you're black !! .. and just because you say your point has been made - doesn't make it so ...

I'm actually quite optimistic about the Tiger Cats prospects for the second half ...

Minus Hank's gifted TD's , and we are manhandling these Ar-blows ...

Clean up the mistakes, and this game is won.

I should know better than to feed the trolls.

Wow the way this is going maybe Toronto should just put in Ray and leave the rest of this team in there?

Keep any other starters not playing tonight out.

but first you need to learn what a troll actually is.

Decent crowd for tonights mean nothing (for the Argos) game on a Thursday night. :thup:

Any relationship between the rested starters and the undisciplined penalties?

I have your fine example as a benchmark.



Johnson reaches a new low. :roll: :roll:

Hamilton your butts are sorry. You have starters playing and you are letting a second and third-team Toronto team beat you!

What the hell is wrong with you?

What do you mean it means nothing? A decent crowd is on a Thursday night is great right? :?

The swinging gate is a old-fashioned offensive football formation still used on occasion these days.

Maybe in Hamilton now they are taking it to a whole new level by attempting to use it on every play.

He meant that it's a mean nothing game for the Argos in the standings, not that the crowd is nothing. Decent crowd on a Thursday for this game is a positive.

Collaros looks good. For a Bearcat.

True, but what does it say about the Argos? This is their second highest scoring game of the year, with 10 starters not dressed, against a team that MUST win to make the playoffs.

Says they are doing a good job on the development side and the Ticats are brutal.

Johnson is getting better. Buried the fact that he completely missed the Hamilton movement with 4 other penalties. This guy makes NFL replacement officials look good.

Doesn't say much for the starting unit.