Toronto v Hamilton

Real fans !!! I was in KC last week,terrrible football team , but 80 000 strong at game. You go to the games because that is your team and your boys, period! Everything else is excuses!

I think 23 to 24k would be a nice crowd considering its a thursday, been a tough week in TO and the game is similar to a pre-season game.

and you would think that a few thousand Hamilton fans would take the short drive to TO, it's an imortant game for them.

I got three tickets to sell if anyone is interested Sec 231 Row 1. txt me at 416-712-2741.Retail @ 31 each make offer can meet at union, would rather sell to a fan than a scalper.



The Leafs have that market locked up, and it's not working out so well for their fans.

There may not be many argo fans there but the Ti Cats fans should certainly make the short drive up the QEW as this is the biggest game of the year.

I have 50 on this game, took the Ticats -7 ! Is John Congemi still starting for the Argo's ? :?

So far, it looks like Argo fans should have made the trek to the Dome to watch a good old fashioned beatdown. The Ticats do realize this is a must-win game in the most literal sense of the term, right?

The Argos are resting everyone possible tonight. With the having to play the semi final they have built in their own bye week. Even giving Bradwell the night off thats going pretty deep giving your #5 receiver the nigh off.

Which team is resting 10 starters again? :roll:

Let's not get carried away. 0-2 in the red zone, the defense has more points than the offense and the dumb penalties haven't completely disappeared.

Hamilton O-Line can't protect worth a damm so far

20-3 after one quarter is a beatdown by any measure. :cowboy:

And hey, Hamilton can just add a time count for good measure.

OT Brian Simmons is having a BRUTAL game so far. Getting beat clean at least once every 2 snaps. And he's an import to boot!

Mind you, the pick off by Jordy Younger has set the stage so far in this game. A long road back for Hamilton to pull this game out. Just when I open my thoughts Williams burns the secondary...of sorts - 20-13 Toronto

I love Pinball Clemons' sell job on 'I'm so happy my record just got broken' ... the man should open his own used car lot.

Is there anything about the CFL you like? :roll:

Now THAT'S a HIT !!! Take note Isaac !!

Is there anything about the CFL you like? :roll:
What does my cynical view of humanity have to do with my love of the CFL game ?

Thank you for making my point. Want to put the other foot in there now?