Toronto v Hamilton

Will be interesting to see how many fans show up for this one. With the Argos clinching a playoff spot will people be excited and come out to show their support with the biggest crowd of the season? Or will it be an empty stadium with fans having no interest in seeing a bunch of 2nd and 3rd string guys play for Toronto?

With their season on the line, there should be no excuse for Smilin Hank and the TiCats to not blow out Toronto's backups.

Sounds like the Argos 2nd, 3rd and 4th string QBs will split time - - I realize Hamilton's defence is pathetic, but if they allow more than 21points, Creehan should be fired before the game ends.

might be somewhat depending on when the weather calms down out thataway.

you realize it's at Skydome, right?

Thursday night in the big city, nothing else happening. There should be a huge crowd, operative word is should. Don't count on it though. Mediocre turnouts are the norm.

Well as far as Argo fans go I don't anticipate the crowd being very big.

  1. It's a mean-nothing game for the Argos. They have nothing to play for. Already clinched 2nd place.

  2. Coach has already said he'll be resting many of their star players including Ricky Ray.

It'll be a big crowd if Hamilton fans make the trip. Which I can't imagine why they wouldn't. This is essentially a playoff game. Lose and the season is done. Must win. Doesn't get any bigger.

My Brother and Sister will be at the game, both on my advice are rooting for Ticats so that Esks dont get in...for sure has to be combined with Edmonton loss to Calgary tomorrow...Its in the bag

I don't see it being very large. The Cat's Claws Fan Club is going, and they managed to fill 3 buses and then turned another 50 people away, but at most thats about 200 people.

Thursday is to hard to get to Toronto for some people.

It's not like the Cats and Argos drew well this year at the dome before either.

I would be pleasantly surprised if there was a legit 22k there.

  1. Go Train
  2. Go Bus
  3. Drive (carpool)

Lot's of options

Sorry, should have qualified that to say its hard to get to Toronto in time for the game..

You know, work, picking up kids, feeding them, and making to a game on time..

No, I agree. Definately makes it more difficult to get down to a game on a Thursday night.
You’re rushed. You have to rush to get down to the game after work. Then rush to get back home because you have to work the next day. It takes a lot of the relaxation and enjoyment out of the experience, being constantly rushed.

It irritates me that none of the West teams have to play Thursday night games. I understand the time difference but Winnipeg had 2 Thursday night home games and they are on the same time zone as Saskatchewan. Where was Saskatchewan’s Thursday night game???

Not sure why anyone would expect a big contingent of TiCat fans to make the trip. Hamilton could barely sell out last weeks's final Ivor Wynne game - - and even then many of the seats were empty. [url=] ... d4b6a1970b[/url]

Area_51, the near sellout (a couple hundred short) was actually quite impressive due to the frigid torrential rain all day/afternoon. (not to mention being a 5-11 ball club)

In fact, the downpour was such that many left by halftime or third quarter.

one of the reasons I am a proponent of awnings, which was not included in the new stadium design unfortunately.

With the Blue Jays being finished, you'd think that would be the end of mid week Argo games.

So why wasn't this game on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday? Because Rogers Centre scheduled some performance this Saturday for a singer from India named Isaignani Dr.Ilayaraja. Shockingly, the event has been cancelled. But maybe it's not too late to get him to perform at Grey Cup halftime show.

Never have this problem at the SkyDome. Can't figure out why so many people are critical of it. I'll be the first to admit there's no atmosphere - - but that's because of the fans, not the facility.

talkng about being on the edge of Sandy and what effects that will have for how long.

The weather is a complete non factor. Overcast with some light rain, but no wind at all. Hurricane had minimal impact on Toronto/Southern Ontario and has since passed.

It seems that the PERFECT STORM of ambivalence is forming at the SkyDome.

would be surprised if this game had more than 15 000 in attendance tonight.

On the Argo side of the equation ; who wants to spend money on a pre-season roster ?

On the Tiger Cat side of the equation ... the game is a little early ... and even if they do win - there remains the chance it is all for naught if Edmonton is able to beat Calgary ... so who wants to spend money on a game that may, in the end, mean nothing ?

People who enjoy football in the comfort of a dome ?

I was debating on posting. But hell, why not. Can't wait to hear about it

I'm not going tonight, I'm not going to drive 2+ hours in shitty weather to watch Argos B and C squad take on Hamilton's starters. Only to turn around and drive back the other way. Arrive back home 1sh or later. Be at work for 7.

If the game meant something in the standings, I'd be there. Plus the wasted my time with 3 poor home performances in a row.

People who enjoy football in the comfort of a dome ?
It could, very well, be maritime football fan ... but, I am one of those people - and I can find very little reason to spend some hard earned ca$h on tonight's offering.

We shall see ... it's not like I have never been wrong.