Toronto v Hamilton - - Round 2

TiCats really need this game to stay within striking distance of Toronto and Montreal. An Argos win puts Toronto three games ahead of Hamilton, which is critical with the next two games being on the road in BC & Montreal.

Durie will not play for Toronto and that's a huge loss. This likely means Watt and Bradwell will be starting receivers. Not exactly a fearsome 1-2 punch.

The EJ Kuale experiment at DE appears to be mercifully over. Kuale has been getting worse each week and in the Labour Day game he was terrible. Looks like Summers and Lee will be taking his reps.

When Hamilton brought blitz pressure Toronto's offence couldn't do anything. In the 4thQ when they inexplicably backed off into a prevent, Ricky Ray started moving the ball.

Chris Williams torched the Argo STs once again. Let's see if a few changes in personnel for Toronto on punt coverage will make a difference.

Looking forward to this game...second half in Hamilton was a treat - Go Argos

You can always tell when two Eastern teams are playing by the total lack of posts on the subject.

Matt Dunnigan is doing color this game and he seems to be studying from other TSN commentators given that he's constantly talking even when there's nothing to say.

In terms of the game, Argos have a good lead. Foolish to take a no yards penalty in the endzone with 5 seconds left, they just took a point off the board for no reason.

Can't post, too busy bashing my head agains the computer desk...

Kackert's looking pretty good right now.

Kackert; 6 carries for 95 yards - 15.83 average
Cobourne; 7 -71 yards - 10.14 average

That’s a good day all around. :slight_smile:

Argo offense is doing a really bad job of finishing in the red zone though. Hamilton can get right back in this one if this drive ends in points.

edit - Yep. Even got the 2 point convert.

Ohhhh....nice post pattern.

I hate these damn 1 PM Saturday games. Just turned it on.

The Comfortably Numb thread in a relative way - 35-17 Argos lead non the less.

Another TD Kackert. They aren't missing Cory Boyd at all now.

Not that it really matters at this pint in the game, but this is an absurd number of penalties for the Argo D to be taking.

Good for the Argos; go to 6-4 - 45-31 final.

You would have been better watching Coma on A&E. I would have been better off being in one....

Hamilton really needed that win. Too many dropsies. Chad was a BEAST out there. He ran like Michael Vick's dog.

The Argos look like they are starting to put it together. The O Line seems to start slow in the past few games but have finished strong in each of those games. Rambo and Mann addition to the roster have gotten the other receivers playing a lot better. Watt was a non factor until last game when Watt and Rambo dressed. Bradwell did not do much in his place has also looked a lot better running routes creating seperation and getting open allowing Ray to spread the ball around and hit the 1st or 2nd options instead of checking all the way down to the dump off. It is starting to look a lot more like the Montreal offense that it is patterned after.
Kackert also has shown what the Argos were doing in letting Boyd go as he has began to thrive in this offensive scheme.
I like that when Toronto identifies a problem they go and bring someone in to improve in that area.
K swayze waters
ST etienne Boulay
OL Tony Washigton at the LT
RB Promoting Chad Kackert to starting RB
REC getting Rambo in Toronto as soon as the Stamps released him enabling him to get his head in the playbook and watch the game and practice while rehabing pays off in his second game catching a first option pass for a big gain setting up a TD run.

The only week spot would still seem to be the right side of the O Line. Lets see if they have an answer for that. Joel Reinders is on deck but not quite as sure a thing as perhaps Tony Washinton was at LT.

Couldn’t watch live, had to PVR it. Just in the 3rd Q right now. Haven’t seen a post about the challenge flag by Cortez. Did anyone else fall off their chair laughing when Cortez threw the flag and Dunnigan said " What did you just say? George Cortez actually threw a challenge flag?" :lol: :lol:

That made up for every time he talked over the officials announcing of penalties. :lol:

Why did Toronto have to waste their challenge on a scoring play that is supposed to be automatically reviewed by the league? More clear evidence video review must go. This league, Tom Higgins and his review crew are not capable to do the job. They can't even follow their own rules.

I was at the game, was a nice butt kicking of the Tiger Cats.

One of these days Hamilton will figure out there are 4 quarters in a football game not 2. They made progress today, Cortez finally figured out what that yellow flag in his pocket was for. :lol:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggoooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: