Toronto v Edmonton - - ESF

In addition to my previous explanation, here's why Edmonton has the advantage on ST:

Edmonton was the only team in the CFL to NOT allow a return TD this year.
Toronto allowed SIX return TDs this year, by far the worst in the league.

There were 4 TDs on missed FG returns in the CFL this year. Amazingly, Toronto allowed 3 of them.

There were 3 blocked punts in the CFL this year. Edmonton had two of them. Toronto had none.

Edmonton did not have any opponent named ST player of the week.
Toronto unbelievably had NINE opponents named ST player of the week.

Now maybe you can tell me why you would think Toronto ST would be better than Edmonton. Was it based on any kind of factual information or were you just going with a hunch?

With your attitude this is all I remember reading in your post. I asked a question and spit attitude back. Is it any wonder people on your posts rather than discuss with you?

Thanks for answering my question, but I don't need your attitude.

You bluffed, I called. Considering how you've never have a problem ripping anyone in these forums, I wouldn't have pegged you as the overly sensitive type.

Despite your lack of response I'm guessing at this point you, or anyone else, would acknowledge Edmonton has the better ST unit.

You called nothing. I wasn't bluffing I asked a question. "You want to disagree fine, then tell me why Edmonton should get the edge. All you've done is dump on the Argos which doesn't tell me why you disagree with me."

Your initial post didn't bother me, as a matter of fact it present half your point well, but only half. I just asked for the other half. No bluff, no challenge and I have no idea where you got that idea. Your response was sufficient until you threw your attitude into the mix.

I'm not overly sensitive, but I don't care to deal with your attitude when I ask an honest question. I have quiet enough attitude of my own I don't need yours.

My lack of response indicates nothing more than a lack of response. Read into it whatever conspiracy theory you want, but I have no desire to get into the name calling with you and since it's obvious a necessary part of your argument I'm not responding one way or the other. Assume what you want, but if your opinion comes with insults, name calling and your 3rd grade attitude I'm not interested.

You made a baseless claim with ZERO supporting argument that Toronto has the edge on ST over Edmonton. My counter opinion had a fairly extensive breakdown showing how Edmonton has the superior ST unit.

I simply asked you to explain your position. Maybe you've seen something that I've overlooked? Maybe I've missed some information? Maybe you've got a "gut instinct" for this particular game?

Believe whatever you like, but the cold hard reality is Edmonton's ST have been one of the best in the league and Toronto's have clearly been the worst by a wide margin. Too bad you're pleading the 5th, because I'd love to hear your explanation as to how Toronto has "an edge" on ST this week.

Special teams have 3 aspects. In punt/kickoff returns, Toronto is far superior. In field goal accuracy and punt average, Edmonton is better. In kick coverage, Edmonton might be better but statistics aren’t available to confirm this.

On offense, Toronto is better. On defense, Edmonton has allowed slightly fewer points but is overly dependent on turnovers. Toronto is better in fewer yards allowed while Edmonton is among the worst. Although Edmonton has beaten Toronto in 5 of 6 previous meetings, Toronto should win because Edmonton is the coldest and worst road team in playoffs.


The best thing about this Edmonton Toronto matchup has to be that no one is paying attention to the Riders :rockin:

Toronto has allowed SIX return TDs this year. Next worst team is Montreal, which has allowed THREE. Edmonton is the only team to have allowed ZERO. I don't know about you, but I'd say the Eskimos are MUCH better on coverage.

Less than 12hrs until game time and I'm cringing at the thought of what kind of stupiditity Ego Jones will have in his scheme against Edmonton. A 1-6-5 formation? Adriano Belli at rush end?

Here's my keys to the game:

Fred Stamps - - Argos like to leave the secondary in man coverage, which means Stamps is going to be 1-on-1 for somebody to cover. Ahmad Carrol got torched by him earlier in the year.

Toronto Offence - - Can't rely on 3yd dump passes with a tackling machine like Sherritt in the middle. Milanovich has to swallow his pride and run the ball at least 12 to 15 times.

Edmonton RBs - - If Boyd & Charles run cutbacks and misdirections, it's going to be a long day for Toronto as the undisciplined OLBs are constantly out of position.

Toronto OLine - - Manhandled by Edmonton in both games this year. Not sure why I'd expect anything different this time around. Can they use an OLineman at TE and keep the RB in to block 5 with 7?

Old Yeller Joseph - - Is this his last start as an Eskimo? Has to find a way to be accuate on passes beyond 10yds. Can call his own number a few times and take advantage of Toronto's weak LBs.

Argo DLine - - Should dominate the soft Eskimo OLine. Biggest question is, will they be allowed to pass rush or will they be dropping into coverage? Ego Jones has to play his 4 best DLinemen and forget about the insane 8 man rotation up front. This isn't house league - - the inferior second stringers do not need playing time.

Special Teams - - Toronto has to find a way to prevent backbreaking TD returns. Chad the Fumbler can't have anymore of his costly turnovers. Prefontaine's feeble attempt at hanging onto a roster spot is painful to watch - - 35yd line drive punts to the middle of the field every time.

Penalties - - Argos are worst in the league for penalties. Can't afford to gift Edmonton 100+yds of field position with stupid undisciplined play.

As I said earlier, this is a game Toronto should win handily. But if they can't get to the QB and can't stop the run, it's going to be an uphill battle to pull out a victory.

If I heard the pregame correctly, J.C. Sherritt is out for Edmonton. League leading tackler, that’s a big loss.

Also… since I’ve said it before I’m going to keep up with it now that it’s game time: Matt Nichols should be starting.

My prediction, Edmonton will take the lead and win the game after Nichols starts the second half.


Murray Clarke is the head referee, the Argos can go home now. Right back to all those undisciplined penalties with the flag happy Clarke crew on the field. Makes up for the loss of Sherrit.

A minute silence is too much to ask of TSN? That was disgraceful!

wheres the rest of the crowd?

Looks like a decent crowd, by Toronto standards.

Course, it may not matter who starts at QB if Edmonton can just run the ball 75% of the time and keep making it work.

If that’s what passes as “decent”- yikes! :lol: Huge swaths of empty seats in a stadium configuration of 30,000

Impressive opening drive for the Esks.

You would think for a home playoff game that there'd be more in the stands