Toronto v Edmonton - - ESF

Even in 2007 he beat a Winnipeg team playing its backup QB who had two practices as a starter.

Eskimo fans are hoping Its a ploy by Reed. Nichols is a fA or playing his option next year, maybe they don't want to let him up his stock. No sure what is going on but it borders on the insane. I think Toronto is going to come in better prepared and chew them up and spit them out.

If Edmonton shows up they win. Toronto shares the worst home record in the league with Winnipeg and they're the only teams with losing records at home. They beat Calgary in week 2, Winnipeg and Hamilton twice. They were 7-6, in a fight for first and 4 of their final 5 at home and they chocked bad winning only 1 of those 4 and that was against Hamilton with their B squad.

The Argos have the edge at QB, specials teams and....................not much to hang your hat on. Toronto should have asked to play this one in Edmonton, they might have stood a chance.

Edmonton -7.

Not sure if I'd give Toronto much of an advantage on ST.

Having Prefontaine punt is a complete disaster. Short, line drive punts is about all he's got left. Unless Swayze Waters has had his hand amputated, Prefontaine needs to be left off the roster.

Coverage has been horrible for much of the season. Completely understandable for two reasons - - the roster turnover each week and the fact that Toronto dresses somewhere between 8 to 10 DLinemen every game.

If half the offence or half the defence was new personnel each week, they would both struggle too. No time to gel as a unit and understand each other's gap responsibilities. And that's where the breakdowns for big returns are happening.

DLinemen are not great candidates for ST. Not enough speed and especially not enough agility to cut/break down. ST needs LBs and RB/FB types. WTF are guys like Belli or Flemons going to contribute on ST?

Until this year Toronto would always carry an extra RB - - Bryan Crawford - - for his ST ability. This year they use that roster spot for their #8 or #9 DLineman. Makes no sense at all to be carrying reserves who can't contribute on ST - - especially when they're useless at their offensive/defensive position.

Always good for a laugh to see Julian Feoli Gudino or Danny Desriveaux dress for a game and never once leave the sideline. Why bother having those two guys standing around? Much more useful to bring in a couple of ST aces.

I'm with you. This is absolutely the wrong move. I expect Nichols will see the field though, as Joesph likely won't get it done.

Most defensive linesmen can't go all out for 60 minutes on a CFL field so Jones uses a rotation. He prefers to have guys take less reps and go 100 percent on less snaps. It makes sense. As for the receivers they just don't have the NI depth right now. That's the Argos main problem. It will get better over time if they draft better.

Not saying the Argos ST's are good, bad or indifferent just that I give then an edge over Edmonton. You want to disagree fine, then tell me why Edmonton should get the edge. All you've done is dump on the Argos which doesn't tell me why you disagree with me.

They are also better coached IMO. If you look at the Argos progression compared to the opposite in Edmonton where they finished the season 2-9

Undisciplined penalties, poor red zone production (worst in the league), regularly giving up the big play on D and a 3-5 record (1-3 at home) down the stretch. I'm still trying to understand what exactly did Milanovich do to deserve a contract extension? Kavis Reed has a less talented team, had more injuries and had to do Tillman's job (it is rumoured). He also beat the Argos both times this season. He's better than Milanovich by walking through the door.

We will find out this weekend.

I bleed double blue and really hope I'm wrong. Damn 1:00 start sucks though, not sure I'll be home from the parade before kick off.

Its a new way of thinking, new philosophies, new systems, new QB, new defense. I think the progression has been pretty much what I expected. The discipline issues have been mostly because the oline isn't talented enough so they tend to cheat and a press defense that is asked to be very agressive. I'm sure the coach isn't happy with the penalties but I think you will find as the team improves its talent and the young guys learn the game and have guys breathing down their back it will go away. Its also very tough to beat the same team 3 times in a season, twice on the road.

Disagree. I expected a lot more progress from the offense. I look at the Argo offense and I see no great improvement between week 1 and now. The penalties come in all forms, but most importantly at the worst times. Obvious late hits, out of bounds hits and lining up offside are inexcusable for professionals by the end of the season. Is it really that difficult to have one D lineman responsible for looking down the line and calling out players who are lined up wrong? If the defense can't handle a very simple concept like that I hold out little hope they can adapt to changing offensive schemes on the field.

I get that young players make mistakes, but consistently lining up offside, hits that are 1-2 seconds late are mistakes they should have a grip on before they get to the CFL.

I too have an issue with the 1:00 start but probably for a different reason. 1:00 Toronto Standard time is 11:00 in Alberta, 10:00 in BC. I would hope that there is some Remembrance to commemorate those who died for our freedom. There should be 2 minutes of silence at 11:11.

I expect there will be something before each game. The CFL are very active in supporting the troops. And I did my math wrong. I'm in Halifax so the game won't start until 2 here.

Plenty of time for me to get back from the parade, change and be on the coach in front of the TV doing my best Al Bundy. :wink:

Al Bundy is my hero, would have made a great president. :cowboy:

I don’t understand why they don’t play one game saturday and one game sunday. Both game should be in prime time or at least hours that are platable nationaly.

I like it just the way it is. I get one day to do other stuff, and one day to park myself in front the TV.

Don't get me started there, the whole Country runs on Toronto Standard Time. I often wonder why the US can list times based on time in the host city, while here in Canada everything must be predicated by the Centre of the Universe. Why for heavans sake should a game invoving Calgary and Saskatchewan have a kick-off at 4:30 PM Toronto Time. Kick-off is at 2:30! Math should not be involved. Grey Cup is scheduled for prime time in Toronto and to he** with the rest of the Country. Who cares if school kids in Newfoundland won't get to bed before midninght.

There, you got me started. Satisfied. :cowboy:

I actually Row on a Kettler rower for an hour when I watch football. So double headers suck for me. I can't sit in front of a TV for 7 hours. I usually PVR one game and watch it the next day.

What are you talking about? The US runs on Eastern time too. The Super Bowl is scheduled for primetime in east, and 3:30 out west. The Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals, World Series all start at around 8 or 9 p.m. EST. US sports kowtows to the eastern time just like they do in Canada.

And in Canada, the main reason I would say they use EST is because that's where the vast majority of the nation lives. Ontario and the vast majority of Quebec are on EST. There are 35 million people in this country and 13 million live in Ontario and 8 million live in Quebec. When 66% of the country resides in one time zone, they are going to be the ones catered to. It only makes sense. But to be honest with you, I wish I was out on the west coast. Football games starting as early as 10 a.m. Games ending at a reasonable time. That's awesome!