Toronto v Edmonton - - ESF

Less than 15 000 tickets sold so far and lots of complaints that the sales staff is having a hard time handling the quantitiy of transactions. People calling early aren't getting called back while best tickets get sold ... Maybe they should have done like the Als and just put a link to ticketmaster instead.

I do not believe that that there are only 15000 or less sold , one cannot always believe what the ticket reps say, (I know this from experience) or maybe they just don't know and throw a number out when asked , either the ticketmaster site is not accurate when it shows what seats are sold or available or someone else is fibbing.
I have been watching for a couple of days now and I am pretty sure if seats sold is accurate , as shown on ticketmaster, that there are many more then what the ticket rep states is the case.

Nichols get the start IMHO, this guy is crafty and hard to read. Joseph not so much.

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Several mimes were recruited to stand on the sidelines.

In fairness, if the 13,000 being floated out there is accurate, with 4 days left they could still get to their season average of 23K by kick-off. While the storyline is huge for us diehards (Ray vs. the team that traded him), it’s still a Western club that’s the visiting team. I know a Semi-Final playoff match vs a team from the East would be a pretty hard sell here in Van.

There's no reason Toronto should not beat Edmonton handily in this one. All depends on how difficult Ego Jones wants to make it for Toronto.

Likely a huge mismatch at QB with a kid making his 3rd career start against Ricky Ray. CIS Rookie Matt O'Donnell is not ready to play OT. He's a huge liability and should be exploited with a pass rush. But will Ego Jones neutralize himself by using his undrafted CIS rookie Dave Lee at rush end?

Argos can get pressure on the QB by rushing their DLine. But will Ego Jones decide it's more effective to drop his DLine back into coverage?

Argos idea of a blitz is a joke - - and a huge liability. Ego Jones has the DLine hold their blockers up and brings his undersized OLBs, Ball & Issac, off the endge. Both are easily blocked by a RB, TE or down blocking receiver. When that happens the QB has all day to throw and only Bobby McCune is in the middle of the field, so basically it's completely wide open. Hopefully Kavis Reed isn't familiar enough with the offence to scheme against this.

Because the Toronto OLBs are allowed to do whatever they feel like, more often than not they're out of position. This creates a huge vulnerability for any cut backs by the RB. Exactly what Winnipeg did to them three weeks ago and put up 260 huge rushing yards. Again, Toronto has to hope Reed doesn't take advantage of this like the Bombers did.

No offence, but shouldn't you be more concerned about an already weak Argo O-line now missing Wayne Smith with a bicep injury? Nobody should underestimate that potent Eskimo D-line, even if not completely heallthy. I think they're going to have a field day. Just my 2 cents.

Not so sure. Milanovich has been working all season on a timed offense and the last couple of games Ray has started to really grasp it and execute it. It won't be a picnic.

Toronto SHOULD win, but Area again this is an excellent write-up of how they can poop the bed.

As an Eskimo fan noting some of these known points on weakness in Toronto, your feedback made me salivate.

I still say Eskimos win even though there are other reasons they should not win.

I've been the loudest critic of Toronto's terrible OLine all season. Difference is Ricky Ray is an experienced QB who can read the pressure and get rid of the ball quicker than a kid making his 3rd pro start. No QB is going to excel with constant pressure, but there's more chance of a rookie making dumb mistakes because of it. That's assuming Edmonton doesn't end up going with Old Yeller Joseph.

Unfortunately I think this one comes down to coaching. And for Toronto, that's a big problem. If the Argos had normal run of the mill coaching, they steamroll Edmonton.

Having Ricky Ray at QB helps to make up for the struggles of Milanovich, but when the DC is constantly trying to reinvent the wheel and make a big name for himself, anything can happen.

You constantly going after Chris Jones is weird. Any team in the league would take him in a heartbeat. I could understand if your team was tuck with a Creehan or Garber but Jones and hosting a playoff game in their first year as HC and DC in Toronto. Really ?

Really? Strange how no team in the league has offered Ego Jones a HC job. Benevides...Reed...Milanovich...Kavis Reed....all with less experience as co-ordinators getting a HC job ahead of him?

The guy is a complete ego driven fraud. Instead of letting the players play he insists on running ridiculous smoke and mirror schemes to try and fool offences with tricks.

Take a look at where Toronto's defence ranked - - specifically over the last hf of the season. Once teams figured out the tricks at the beginning of the season, Toronto's defence was just as terrible as Winnipeg & Hamilton over the last half of the year.

When you can't get to the QB and you can't stop the run, you're not going to have much success. For the sake of Argo fans I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

Me "going after" Ego Jones is similar to the noble Eskimo fans and their royal moderators constantly calling out Rusty Tillman until he was finally fired. Only difference is Rusty has a proven track record of success with 3 rings in 12 years. Ego Jones - - not so much.

well, now that Joseph is the "starter" Reed's put his job on the line.

this is a stupid mistake I believe. The Argo's are a much better team than their 9-9 record shows.

they're finally coming together at the right time and there is a really good possibility that they will be in their own Grey Cup.

I honestly don't think the Esks have a good shot.

Esks Offense will be the death of them.

If I was the Esks, I'd have Joeseph do a lot of running in this game to change things up. He still has the ability to do this. Should be a good one though, looking forward to it.

As a Defensive coordinator, not one said anything about a HC job.

The natural progression is for coordinators to move up and become HC. If teams around the league think you're doing a good job as a DC or OC then there's going to be head coaching offers. The fact that Ego Jones hasn't got a sniff tells you everything you need to know about how the league views his coaching ability.

Took Cortez 22 years to get his shot, Stubbler around 18. Benevidez 8... Jones has been in the CFL seven years or so. He has a temper and could likely take over a GM position with his excellent scouting ability, that probably scares GM's.

And what kind of results did Cortez and Stubler have as HCs? Think that might have been why so many teams passed on offering them HC jobs?

Stubler's only HC job was on a lousy team that was sabotaged by management signing one starting QB and trading for another one on the same day. And he did far better with that team than Don Matthews did after him.

Aside from 2007 can someone, anyone tell me what has Kerry Joseph done? Not to mention that was 5 years ago! Starting a 39 year old Joseph over Nichols is absurd on so many levels. He’s slow, no longer mobile and experience is way too overblown. The Eskimos aren’t winning the Grey Cup this year.

Next year when they find themselves in the same position, at least Matt Nichols would have “experience” in the playoffs. But now, they’re just delaying the inevitable. There’s always a first time for everything. Might as well put Nichols in and see what he can do. He’s their best QB and it’s not close.