Toronto v Edmonton - - ESF

Tillman had said he was hoping for an Edmonton/Toronto Grey Cup match - - looks like Rusty will have to settle for the ESF instead.

Going up against Edmonton is the best draw Toronto could have got. Forget about the Esks being 2-0 v Toronto this year. Anybody think Edmonton is going to sweep the season series 3-0? No.

Which one of Tillman's Threesome starts at QB? I'm sure they'll go with Old Yeller Joseph based on nothing other than the experience factor. I'd love to see Nicholls start and have a Joey Elliot-like self destruction.

We'll see, I like the Eskimos chances.

Ricky Ray has got something to prove here. Should make for a great game

1- Toronto's oline will need to give Ray time
2- Toronto has to play disciplined football, something they haven't been able to do all season.

Could go either way and Nichols looked better than Glenn or Tate last night.

Well considering how the Toronto B squad handled Hamilton on Thursday, I don’t see how Edmonton can cope with it’s A-team. The Eskimos fans can delude themselves into thinking they a decent team all they want, but frankly Edmonton probably isn’t even as good as Hamilton, and it should be a cakewalk for Toronto…

Lets hope the Argonauts think the same way as the fans do...............hehehehehehehe

Of course they do, they've seen the Eskimo game film like everyone else... :smiley:

First, I'm shocked Area 51 made a post that didn't have a single negative thing to say about the Argos.

As for the boat peoples chances they're slim to nil and Slim just left town. The "B" team from Thursday is no way to judge the Argos. Defensively they were horrible letting Hamilton back into a game several times that should have been over by the half the way the offense played. Offensively they were good, but there were a few things missing. Dropped passes, fumbles, red zone incompetence and undisciplined penalties and all those things will be back next weekend.

Edmontons road record is nothing to crow about, but 1 of those 2 wins was against the Argos and their record against the east is 4-4. The Argos are 1 of 2 teams with losing record at home. Field the roster they had this weekend against Hamilton and play the game in Edmonton and I give the Argos a chance, however, at home with the regular line up of undisciplined red zone failures playing and this will be Toronto's ONLY playoff game this season.

Edmonton -7

All depends on how Toronto decides to approach this game.

Do they panic on offence and ignore the run game with nothing but 4yd dump passes? Do they drop the DLine back into coverage instead of pass rushing Old Yeller Joseph? Do they play stupid undisciplined football and give away 100+ penalty yards? Does the OLine get blown off the ball and leave Ricky Ray with no time to throw?

Those are the four keys to an Argo victory. Seems pretty simple, but the coaching staff has really struggled to grasp it.

Yes and no.

Run defence shut Hamilton down as I expected once I found out their starting LBs were all sitting out.

Pass defence had two major issues. Frist one was a complete breakdown from Watkins that cost them a 93yd TD. Second was not being able to contain Cobourn coming out of the backfield for close to 100yds. Part of this was lousy tackling and part was Ego Jones not being able to adjust on the fly to counter it.

I'll disagree. They led 20-3 after the first and allowed the Cats back within a TD for most of the 2nd and 3rd then blew a 14 point lead later in the 4th. They gave up 497 yds passing which would have buried the Argos if not for the points of turnovers (14 at least). I'm not surprised by the defense, but I was surprised by the offense. Was this game an anomaly or is it really the fault of the starter who didn't dress for the undisciplined penalties. I haven't seen that few in an Argo game this season.

Pretty similar teams offensively, with a slight advantage to the Argo's with a healthy Ray back there. Neither team is overly dangerous on Offense, both like to dink and dunk and use short underneath stuff. Stamps is more dangerous than anyone the Argo's have, but they haven't gotten him the ball nearly enough.

Edmonton has an advantage defensively, and Toronto is at home.

Could go either way. Who starts for the Eskimo's?

Edmonton had a hot start to the season and has been awful in the second half. They basically coasted into the playoffs on the basis of that hot start, but it's not going to help them here.

With the Argos home record that's an advantage for Edmonton.

Not that awful when you consider that 5 of the Eskimos second half losses were by less than 2 points per game and each of those losses were to a so-called contender (3 against Calgary, 1 against Montreal, and one against B.C.)

Although I don't think Edmonton's braintrust (oxymoron) saw this but with the firing of Tillman, the unstable front office in Toronto and now the rumour of Tillman going to Toronto, they may have unintentionally created as much or more distraction for the Argo's than the Eskimo's.

They were what, 2-8? Doesnt really matter if some of those were close to me, its a brutal record.

Absolutely, not questioning that. What I am saying is that the record in not indicative of the team.

Edmonton is preparing for their playoff game by having silence piped in ! :smiley:

Braley will need a better sound system than the one he uses in BC Place to amp the Toronto crowd up to any level.