Toronto trade's Byron Parker !

Is this another one of those crooked trades like the Maas trade a few years back ? It will be interesting to see what comes back to Toronto. Fans still paying for another 6 games ... That organisation is such a mess. Wow ! Can you say Absentee owners !

First Drew now Parker. Something seems strange here.

Source, links? traded to where for who? pretty measly tidbit

He went to Edmonton for a fourth round pick. Works for me. :lol:

Andrus and Kelly are doing their best to improve other teams around the league with little benefit to their own team. Now that's charity work one can appreciate :lol:

Dammit Jim!!!

it's all a conspiracy to have the argos go under or be forced to move, then the Bills can just walk right in and nobody will say anything.

My God, Adam Rita has officially lost his mind. You trade an all-pro cornerback for a fourth-rounder? Why not just trade your entire defense for a bag of footballs?

I'll take that deal! :smiley:

Now you know why we got rid of him in BC!

the argos have become a big joke. they are the only team i dont watch on tv anymore. pickett sucks, and the GM is a moron. no hope

Are you kidding me?

Talk about getting fleeced :?

That's not getting fleeced. That's an underhanded trade where something goes back to the other team after the season.

Unfortunately the only justice might me the Argos owners losing some paying fans.

Rita does seem to enjoy shooting himself in the foot a fair bit...

This is my favourite line of the whole article:

“Parker rejoined the Argos roughly four weeks ago after being released this summer by the NHL’s Philadelphia Eagles” :lol:
What an embarassing mistake . . . Obviously, they meant to say “the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers.” :cowboy:

It’s okay Canadian Press, we all make mistakes. :roll:

Maybe the Argos will get lucky and he will raise his aim a little (He's not very tall) :slight_smile:

Hear ye! Hear ye! Don't be shy! Step right up and speak out against management. Get yourself a free ticket to the playoffs!

I'd never give the Eskimos anyone without getting someone in return!

Just the Eskimos? Are you saying we're so talent laden that a warm body for a draft pick is just plain unacceptable?

Love this deal for the EE. I just don't get the Argos. They kept saying he wasn't ready to play yet. What a the Argos' D is so complex that he couldn't pick it up in four weeks?? He's a former All-Star for cryin' out loud!? :o I bet he starts this week vs. BC...or at least comes in as an extra DB. Now, who can we pluck off their D-Line to replace Romero? :wink:

Ya know, I like the Argos but anything less than a complete house cleaning in the off-season would be a travesty to their fans...what'll be left of them anyway... :x