Toronto to host Grey Cup in 2016, Ottawa in 2017

You may be right - Jeff Hunt in Ottawa said that Ottawa hasn't put in a bid yet:

"Am I hopeful? Yeah. But is it something that we've been given? No. Nobody has said to us that we're getting the 2017 game. I think we're in a good place. We still need to meet the requirements and finalize our bid. I think most of the teams appreciate that we're very keen on hosting in 2017. And, yes, most of them acknowledge that it's good rationale and a good story that Ottawa gets the Grey Cup."

The RedBlacks have placed a priority on polishing off their bid and submitting it to the CFL.

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Ottawa just back in the league have to have a Gray Cup contender right away and host a Gray Cup. While many like Hamilton and others straggled for many years just to stay alive let alone host the championship. Good old Ottawa :roll: :twisted:

Please remember, it is the City that must put a bid forward to host the Grey Cup.
With this present Mayor and Council it will probably be a long time coming. :roll:

Or wait a year and do the 50 year thing

This is encouraging! :thup:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
#HamOnt coun @Sam_Merulla brings motion to direct staff to meet w/ #CFL & #Ticats "an effort to realize city’s desire to host a Grey Cup."

Rick Zamperin ?@rickzamperin 38m38 minutes ago
@cityofhamilton councillor @Sam_Merulla wants #HamOnt to help the @Ticats host a Grey Cup ASAP.

Didn't Hamilton almost lose its shirt after the 1996 cup? Hopefully a new stadium will remedy that. They need to add at least 10,850 seats to THF to hit 35,000 (the CFL's GC minimum capacity), as it's currently approx 24,150, but that includes the end zone areas.

That means at least 12,000 seats need to be split between the two end zones to host a cup. Obviously more seats would be in the south end zone, as the video board is in the north end.

Tim Hortons Field Grey Cup configuration
They say 40,000 seats

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
#HamOnt coun. @Sam_Merulla says the #CFL promised city 2 Grey Cups within 10 years of stadium being built. Wants to see commitment kept.

I'm well aware of the proposed GC config for THF, but it's as much a concept as it is a reality.

My guess is 35,000 and charge more per ticket. THF already flirts with the regular season game capacity minimum of 24,000; as does Ottawa and Montreal.

Sadly, by the time the Grey Cup comes to Hamilton, ticket prices will be so high that the average person won't be able to afford it.

You cannot edit a post here after a few min... silly.

Anyway, I predict approx. 8000 seats in the south EZ, and 4000 in the north for Grey Cup.

Yep could not agree more , last year in Vancouver it was a challenge selling tickets due to prices and other things , Winnipeg is in the same boat this year and only have 36000 to sell .
Once tickets get to the $400 range and the home team is not in it then sales become a problem , what the CFL needs to realize is that we are average joe’s paying to go to the cup .
If one is paying for flights and hotels which are also jacked up in price then it is almost impossible for middle income CDNS to attend from out of town.

I went last year and was shocked at how much it cost me to fly from TO and pay for a hotel , meals and 2 GC tickets bought in advance…I will only go this year at the last minute if the cats are in it and a deal is to be had on tickets , and hotels .

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 9m9 minutes ago
Per sources: The #CFL will announce tomorrow that the 2016 Grey Cup will be held at BMO Field.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani 10m10 minutes ago
With Grey Cup to BMO Field, makes sense that the Winter Classic will be played there (Jan 1, 2017), since temporary seating will be in place

What a joke.

Toronto -
Arblows - Team cares, fans don't

Leafs - Fans care , team doesn't

Hamilton -
Cats - Fans care, team cares, CFL doesn't. :wink:

Meh the Cats will win the Cup in 2016 at home in BMO field.

Well it really isn’t a surprise since we heard some time ago that they would have first right of refusal for 2016. Can’t imagine the new owners NOT wanting to make some money back :roll: . Hamilton’s time will come - not as soon as we’d like - but it will happen.

New owners wanting to make some money back? here's an idea, invest in your team, community, marketing, fans, etc.
The new standard around here seems to be "Buy a team, get a grey cup" - yet our own owner gets put on the backburner each and every time. Its an 8, 9 or 10 team league depending on the year, theres no reasonable explanation for Hamilton waiting 25 years to host the game again.

You should be proud that Bob Young is willing to delay his turn for the betterment of the league. This had to be instrumental in getting new ownership in TO.

Argo fans care passionately -- there just aren't enough of them at the moment. Hopefully that changes with the new ownership and new stadium.