Toronto to host Grey Cup in 2016, Ottawa in 2017

So TOR gets awarded a Grey Cup for moving to BMO and want to hold the game at Skydump. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
The 1,000 Arblow fans rejoice!
When is our turn coming? SSK and now CGY with new digs coming will bump us to 2020

Toronto to host Grey Cup in 2016, Ottawa in 2017

[b]The Grey Cup is returning to Ontario, with the only issue being the site for the 2016 title contest.

Multiple CFL sources have told Sportsnet that the CFL title game will be held in Toronto in 2016, the third time in a decade the league’s largest market will host it. And following a rubber stamp at the board level, Ottawa is expected to host the 2017 league final.

That would mark the return of the Grey Cup to the nation’s capital for the first time since Lansdowne Park hosted the week-long party in 2004 — and coincides with the ?city’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

The bigger issue in Toronto is the site for the late November game. It has not yet been determined if it will be played under the roof of Rogers Centre or outdoors at a renovated BMO Field.

The CFL's board of governors is scheduled to meet this fall to determine that venue and to "officially" award Ottawa the 2017 game.

?To many in league circles it will come as no surprise that these cities will be awarded the Grey Cup, which can generate upwards of $4 million in profit for the host club depending on the gate and amount of government money received to host the festival surrounding each championship week. When Ottawa returned to the CFL in 2014, the league assured ownership it would receive a Grey Cup as part of the expansion bid. The same occurred in Toronto when new owners acquired the franchise from David Braley in the spring.

?While Grey Cup revenues had been a slam-dunk for much of the last decade, the event has lost some of its lustre recently. The game did not sell out in Vancouver last year and television viewership dipped for the Calgary-Hamilton game. In Winnipeg, organizers announced that about a third of the tickets still remain for this November's championship -- which will have a total attendance figure of under 40,000.

There is no timetable on an announcement from the league on the awarding of the Toronto and Ottawa Grey Cup games, but it likely won't be until after the governors gather in the fall.[/b]

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I guess this would mean no Grey Cup in Hamilton until 2019 or 2020 at the earliest. I can`t see three in a row in the East. I guess we will just have to win the thing to bring the Grey Cup to THF!!!!!!

Why can't there be 3 straight grey cups in the east?

We're in the middle of 3 straight grey cups in the west.

Also no way Calgary gets their stadium stuff sorted out and constructions started by 2020. Plus you have a season to work out the kinks at the stadium before hosting the grey cup.

We'll get the game in 2018 or 2019. Those two years are earmarked for Hamilton and the new stadium in Sask.

We've waited since 1996 so an extra year or two is nothing.

Also don't forger we had the rights to last years grey cup and sold it to BC.

And Argos don't WANT to hold the game at rogers centre, they're exploring both options. Seeing what will be most profitable.

I don't think they know if they can get more seats into BMO. If they have to remove 5k seats at the 30k seat BMO for a regular season CFL game, they are going to have a difficult time trying to add seats for a Grey Cup game.
With that new roof covering three sides that leaves the North End as the only place for temp seats.

My guess is one more Grey Cup at the Rogers Centre before they lose the artificial turf.

So doesn't look like Hamilton is going to get to host till at least 2019-2020

South end roof is made high enough for expanded seating over the current and soon to be retractable 100 level.

Here you can see they leave extra space above the 100 level south end seats to allow for temporary seating under the roof in the south end.

Also I know we have differing opnions on this but I believe Rogers management will continue to use Rogers centre in the offseason for other events like they have been saying. Grass would be ripped out and dirt for monster trucks, concerts, turf for grey cup can still be brought in.

They've said "baseball FIRST", not "baseball only"

chance at 2018

I think that SSK will get 2018 and Hamilton will get 2019 or 2020.

The funny thing is that post-1996, Ottawa will have hosted twice in 21 years before we get another chance. And yet they didn't even have a team in the league for 12 of those years.

I can't see ever wanting to attend a Grey Cup at the Skydome again. Been to two and it's such a poor football facility I will never go back (Except for Easter Finals).

No Grey Cup until 2018 or 19? With a new stadium? One more reason not to renew my season seats next year.

Cause Bell needs the revenue? I would love Caretaker to chime in on this.
Even though he will take the high road.

Curious what the others are?

and has been mentioned before, after the disaster in 96 at IWS, Hamilton did not have any desire to host another Grey Cup until they got the new stadium. We don't even have any official word that Hamilton applied for 2016 or 2017, it's only awarded if you apply. Besides 2017 is Canada 150 and the Capital was the logical choice.

In my (almost) 60 years on this planet, Hamilton has hosted a grand total of 2 Grey Cups - 1972 and 1996 - and I have been to both. To say we are overdue to host one is an understatement. To have to wait at least 3 more years is truly a shame.

Do you know what is a bigger shame though? A reporter/columnist who writes the following:

"That would mark the return of the Grey Cup to the nation’s capital for the first time since Lansdowne Park hosted the week-long party in 2004 — and coincides with the ?city’s 150th anniversary celebrations."

Does he not know that Ottawa was actually founded in 1855 not 1867, which would make it 162 years old in 2017 not 150?

In all fairness though, perhaps he was speaking about Canada's sesquicentennial in 2017 rather than Ottawa's and - as the nation's capital - the National Capital District being at the forefront of celebrations for that anniversary? If so, he should hang his head in the reporter's hall of shame for such a boner. :oops:

Either his error was due to ignorance, or missed proof reading (if he actually is aware of what will be celebrated in 2017). I personally hope it was the latter rather than the former.

In closing, if, and when Hamilton hosts a Grey Cup again I plan on being in attendance, hopefully replaying the spirit of '72 :slight_smile: rather than seeing the blew team playing for Earl Grey's mug. :twisted:

[insert the sound of Mike climbing down from his soap box]


I highly doubt that Sask gets one before Hamilton for two main reasons

  1. They are just opening their new stadium in 2017 and the league normally likes to wait 2-3 years before allowing a Grey Cup to ensure that all kinks are worked out (Example Winnipeg hosts this year but stadium opened in 2013 and they were still having issues with some things like drainage not long ago)

  2. Regina just hosted a GC two years ago and it is not likely to return to a small centre like that after only 5 years. (accommodation problems etc) Yes BC and TO will have each hosted their 2 within a 4 year span but both are large cities and some of those deals were in place as part of the sale of the Argos (BC's likely to "reward" Braley for bailing out the Argos and owning two teams). No problem with having enough hotel rooms in either TO or Vancouver.

Hamilton has to put together a bid and have the $$ to plan and stage. Caretaker will make money for the FIRST time this season. Give the team a couple of years to bank some $$ so they can put on a good show. Personally I think 2018 will be the year as long as the team goes after it.

As a team that lives and dies by the pass, Austin's Ticats should want the Grey Cup to be indoors every year.

I'm sure Regina will have the cup in 2018 with the new stadium and especially in Ottawa has the cup in 2017 and Toronto in 2016 typically split between East and West, Hamilton possibly for 2019 and maybe Calgary in their new indoor stadium in 2020 if all goes well and approved.


Give us 2019. That'll make it the 150 anniversary of the Hamilton Tiger/Widcats.

That makes 2 years the GC will be within Driving Distance :rockin:

Im not even sure the TiCats have a Plan even in place to Bid on a Grey Cup

Thats what im talking about nice idea