Toronto to host 100th Grey Cup

I'm surprised nobody is chatting this up. I listened on the 680 news last night that Toronto will host the 100th Grey Cup in 2012.

I hope that they at least, this time, allow a parade. :roll:

I think it was basically common knowledge that they would host it hence the lack of chatter.

Don't you worry woody, with Braley around, things will be done well.

braley braley braley .... this guy gets way too much credit for what he is worth

i know let Braley buy the whole CFL we'll never have a problem again ... he'll run the league right ... hahaha

Last GC in TO was a blast and hopefully this one will be too.

Fans of the West Harbour Stadium site should take notice. It's doubtful such a location will ever bring the championship to Hamilton. It's the equivalent of building Skydome on one of the Toronto Islands.

Really? The parade? Is that really the make or break event of Grey Cup weekend? The hospitality rooms and the parties are where it's at. Toronto has too many parades as it is. Santa Clause, Gay Pride, Carabana to name a few.

True. They should combine all those and then we'd have the streets in November. Just think, a gay Santa parade in July.

OH MY GAWD ... like they need any more ideas ...SHHHHHHHHH !

Yeah, have a parade in a city if it makes sense in that city for the GC but if it doesn't make sense, and it might not in a city like Toronto as you say, too many parades there already, don't have it I say. Certainly not required in my books.

braley .... this guy doesn't get enough credit for what he is worth

let Braley buy the whole CFL we'll never have a problem again ... he'll run the league right ... hip hip hooray :smiley:

Yea, that's great! not too far to drive and lots going on!

I think that Ottawa will probably get 2013 with their new stadium.

Can you imagine Santa in nothing but a thong water gun soaking the crowd?

Not that there's anything wrong with that. :roll:

Certainly not if it gets us a Grey Cup Parade.

Probably. Which means it will go out west for a couple years. If Hamilton builds a suitable stadium we could expect to host the GC in 2016. If it goes into the West Harbour then forget about it.

As has been stated, CFL owners need to host Grey Cups. If Bob can't get that option then he'll be justified in seeking other options.


Its been in the west 3 years straight, 2009, 2010, 2011

And if the Hamilton stadium goes into the west harbour it will never be here.

West harbourfront and the Grey Cup? Only if the city backs it with money 100 percent because I don't think the Cats will back it up at that site.

Can you imagine the parking nightmare?

It doesn't surprise me that it was announced that Toronto is going to host the 100th Grey Cup. In fact, I would've been surprised if I heard it would be hosted anywhere else. The first Grey Cup was held there. And this being an "anniversary" Grey Cup, I thought it would be held there again.

They seemed to do a good enough job hosting it a few years ago. The game, which was between the Bombers and Riders, was sold out. And because they passed that test, they'll host it again a few years from now.

What also does not surprise me is how this thread turned into being about stadium location.

I have to like what was said by Josh "Blogskee Wee Wee" Smith at the end of the third paragraph of this entry: ... tario.html

@Woody: If they don't allow a parade, we'll do what we did in 2007: Hold our own!!

It's not surprising that TO got the 2012 GC because other than Montreal, where else was it going to be held? Now, I have a great idea for the location of the stadium: We build an isand in Hamilton Harbour and put the stadium there.You'll be able to see it from the 403/Skyway. It could even be lit up at night so that drivers will know where the stadium is.

No parking nightmare in Toronto when they have more than 50,000. Wouldn’t be a problem here.