Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun, best CFL coverage of any TO based paper.

Leafs and NHL coverage first in sports- understandable, Leafs played last night and this is Canada eh.

Then 5 pages of NFL coverage- midseason ??????????

Then 3 pages of MLB playoffs- Playoffs behind NFL AND Toronto has a team in this league ?????

Then 2 pages of Argos who played yesterday- Ziccarelli has the gall to comment on the future of Winnipeg"s fan base that should start to dwindle according to him !!! Maybe the Sun Beat writer for the Argos, Mr. Ziccarelli, doesn't attend Argo home games like a lot of other Torontonians, otherwise he would notice their fanbase absence.

Then Simmons compares the CFL to pornography ??? and writes a column on how he can only think of maybe 20 players who have made an impact in the NFL after their CFL careers. Maybe he knows not to write a column on all those great NFL players who made an impact on the CFL because there are almost none. Anyone for Vince Ferragamo ?

Just some thoughts on why the game we love is not seen as big time in the big smoke.

Hey, it's Toronto and they hate Braley. Of course they are going to pee on themselves to try and take the man down.

Toronto is a joke in so many ways. But's it's funny and I'm sure they hate that Winnipeg has a stadium only Toronto could dream of.

Simmons doesn't understand winning the Grey Cup is about being national gridiron champs of the country he lives in, not about having the most celebrated football players on the planet. It's a difficult and complicated "rocket science" type of concept for dullards and for some others.

As I say, they hate Braley. Which is sort of funny. 8)

There is a mentality here in Canada, that you really haven't made it big unless you make it big in South of the 49th... I don't know why that is... then now there is an added twist to knock down those who do make a name for themselves... and its not limited to football... actors and musicians have had this problem for years... and its worse for those in Toronto... because too many regard the CFL as a "minor" or "semi-pro" league. Ask guys like Ricky Williams, Turner GIll (if he can remember), Jim Zorn or Warren Moon if the CFL in an inferior to the NFL... would be very interesting to hear their answer...

PS- the Sun? Its a useless rag with hack reporters... that is true of any Sun newspaper, or I would take the writers' assessment of the CFL with a huge dose of salt...

Or Marc Trestman. Again though, as I say, I really think a lot of it at this point after the Argos are the nation's 100th Grey Cup winning champs doing it in their own city, is they hate Braley for making their own Cynamon and Sokolowski look small time and maybe getting a stadium deal done where C & S failed, in their own words. Makes them look bad there in Toronto. I still can't get over the fact they asked for compensation from Saskatchewan. Yikes! :o :stuck_out_tongue:

But remember, it's Toronto we are talking about, a city about as upside down, inside out and screwy all around. I'm sure the psychotherapists are doing very well in that city. :stuck_out_tongue:

That's not Canadian, that's really unique to Toronto. As for the written press it is being obliterated by the internet and "free news". So much so that in the US their lobbyist are pushing for gov to remove constitutional protection from internet writers, it is probably also the reason why they now serve political masters, their economic models are no longer viable and need a "sugar daddy" to keep them alive and that comes with a "loss of freedom".

Even television is really starting to feel it as more and more people enjoy aggregating their own information.

Its hard for the media in toronto to get behind a team that isn't run like a professional team. That is why we need a new owner and CEO in toronto. When we have an absentee owner and CEO they have no voice to be heard in the media!

I thought the most negative CFL writers were at the Star and The Toronto Globe and Mail?

Wow, even the Argo fans where an owner came in to give the city the 100th national Grey Cup champion team, doing it in their own city, don't like or respect that owner. Which psychotherapist do you go to 1991? The same one Simmons et al go to? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: I hope that psychotherapist isn't an Argo fan or else you guys might be in big trouble psychologically speaking. 8)

1991, so an amateur team in the Argos beat up on pro teams last year to win the 100th? Interesting idea for the other teams to aspire to on how to run a football team, to win. :wink:

I think they are too ! But, just like some posters here, there are some writers who love to point out any flaw in the CFL, no matter how minor. Some people can only feel good about themselves by putting others down. It takes maturity to prevent this attitude.

I would never say Argo players are amateur but the way the owner and CEO present the team to the people of toronto is very amateur! When the owner does not spend any money to market or present the team as professional football club in toronto is very amateur. When the Argos are practicing on high school fields during the week is amateur, when the Argos win the 100th grey cup and have the most exciting sports team in the city and they get crowds like they have this year and last year is amateur, when no media is covering this team in the city is amateur, when the team is playing home games every day of the week is amateur etc…

More NFL stories in todays Star than there is in the Sun, and more CFL stories in the Sun.

And the hands down winner for more NFL coverage is the Globe and Mail


FOUR CFL stories in todays Sun:

The Sun easily has the most CFL coverage, especially in the Ottawa Sun

Come on 1991, NHL teams sometimes use basic public rinks for practice. Does that make them amateurish? Look, you don't like Braley for his style or lack of it or personality or how he markets the team etc., I get that, but to suggest the man is trying to drive the Argos into the ground which it seems you are suggesting, I don't buy it.

You think he wants the Argos to fail?

I don't think Braley is trying to drive the Argos to the ground I do believe he loves the cfl and Argos and wishes them well. But I do feel braley is failing big time with this team in his approach to marketing the argos in toronto. I know he isn't getting any younger and he spends little to zero time with being around toronto but the Argos need owners and ceo who are going to work long and hard promoting/marketing and trying to improve the image of the Argos in toronto. Hiring a guy like Chris rudge as your CEO is not a good move for that. We need a Tim lewike or Keith pelley to work for the Argos you know that both of these guys would not be able to sleep at night looking at the mess that rudge/Braley have done to the Argos!

And who will exactly pay the cost of gathering that information (which, by the way, is "written" regardless of whether or not it appears on a piece of paper)? If no one is willing to pay for news, it won't exist to be aggregated.

Those who gleefully tout the demise of traditional media may wake up some day wondering how come no one is telling them the information they need to know.

Well 1991, David Braley won't be the owner of the Argos much longer as we know so that should at least give you and others who don't like his approach to the Argos some feeling of comfort.

Yeah I can't wait tell we get some new faces for the ownership and CEO of the Argos! I just hope it won't be to late! When the media and people in toronto are discussing professional sports teams in the city they don't even mention the Argos anymore. They give mention to the tfc which is scary considering they are probealy the worst run sports franchise in North America, and just imagine if the tfc actually starts to win a game here and there how low the Argos will then become!

Compare this to the 2nd largest English speaking market, and the Leos were featured on the back cover of Vancouver’s tabloid, “The Province” on a day when the Canucks and Whitecaps also played big games.

I guess Braley is doing the same thing in toronto that he is doing in Vancouver a whole lot of nothing! Braley thinks that he can just pay the basic bills for the franchise to get by and spend a $100 for the year on marketing the team in the city and think people will buy tickets and talk about the team in the city that way!

No, I am talking about how the media in Vancouver at least respects the Lions/CFL. Their coverage is very good. By "back cover" - for a tabloid, that's a good thing.