Toronto Sun: Ticats more dangerous with Mallett

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“It feels great,’’ Mallett said on Thursday as yet another high-paced, high-tempo session unfolded at Ivor Wynne Stadium. “I’m back on the field playing professional football.

“I just feel re-freshed. It’s a new start, a new coach, I’m ready to go.?

Like many of his new teammates, Mallett could suit up tomorrow if a game needed to be played, the level of exuberance so high in the Hammer that it’s virtually impossible for this pace to be sustained.

I like Mallett… that said, I am not incredibly happy with how the deal went down with Avon. Actually, I don’t like the way many vets have left us over the years.

What was wrong with how the Avon deal went down? I lked Avon too, but at 33, that's pretty old for an RB and thge replacements look very promising ( Mallet, Grant, Walker) Right now, I prefer those 3 over Avon.

Actually, I don't like the way many vets have left us over the years.
Which ones?

uhh.... Avon asked for his release. Ticats granted it. So... exactly what was wrong with that deal? Cats brought in another RB to compete.... happens all the time. Apparently, Avon didn't think he could compete, so he left.

The cap came into play here. Cats weren't going to keep Avon at his salary as anything less than a #1 back. As soon as Mallett also got big money, the writing was on the wall, and Avon asked for his release because there was a better chance of getting another team to give him a job now, than getting a job when he is inevitably cut later.