Toronto Sun - Ticats like their Thigpen

Apart from returning kicks, the Ticats staff has laid out no clear plan for Thigpen but with speed like his it’s safe to say he’ll be a mainstay at Ivor Wynne in 2011.

“He’s so quick and instinctual with the football. He could be anywhere to tell the truth,? said offensive coordinator Khari Jones. “The magic of having a guy like that is we can use him in a few different places.?

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And to think, he was virtually a nobody when he came in and we were all panicked because we had no proven KR.This guy has the ability to hit 0-50 on a dime and you can hardly see his legs move because his motions are quick and fluent.A CFL great in the making. :thup:

And at 25, he's 7 years younger than Deuces, and hopefully Thigpen will still be here to take over the #1 RB spot once Deuces is done or gone.

What really grinds my gears is the Toronto Sun posts better articles about the Cats than the spec. Grrrrrrrrrr.

This is great news.
I was saying we needed to get him more touches last year but our oc didn't agree :roll:

Well the Sun probably has a decent reader base in Hamilton and is trying to write something they haven't seen in the Spec yet. Good on them.

It is good to see Khari has plans to use all of Thigpen's abilities.
Another Offensive piece to our Championship team. :thup:

That's because the Spectator is a Toronto Star owned newspaper!!

I like how the National Post has a lot of CFL articles lately and quite a few Ticat articles.
Our only national newspaper?

The Spectator is owned by the Metroland Media Group Ltd which in turn owns 109 publications throughout Southern Ontario in 19 regions from Ottawa down to Southwestern Ont.

The larger corporation called Torstar Corp., which is Metroland's "owner" if you will, is a very diverse company and doesn't have much to do with the day to day content of and particular publication. Each paper has it's own editor who is responsible for local content.

My editor at my particular paper in the Metroland group insists on local stories and if I write something else, I have to shop it around or another paper can pick it up on their own with my permission.

For a long time I have been a big booster of the idea that Thiggy be utilized in the slot more either as a receiver or having him motion out of the backfield. Getting him in space has to be a priority for Khari et al because this guy is lights out when he is in the open field!

Regardless of where Thiggy is lined up, it promises to be a breath of fresh air to have an OC that can figure out how to use genuine receiving threats from the halfback position. Between Marcus and Avon Cobourne, we have two legimate threats in the receiving game not just from dumpoffs in the flat but running downfield routes against defenders. Our red zone efficiency will improve from this “relevation” alone.

Oski Wee Wee,


Deerhunter yes we know all that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............yawn
Clearly the comment went totally over your head, even I could see that they were being a tad "sarcastic"
I am a (Red) Star hater

But another good Ticat article in the Post today

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Great read, and pretty interesting as well.
Id love to see this in one of the camp videos, and maybe have a team competition on who can go the longest.

Tigpen, Cobourne, Mann, Bruce .....
but only one football.
A nice problem to have but expect complaints by LD.

How dare you leave Stala out of that! :slight_smile: j/k

In all seriousness though he belongs in the list of top O players to give the ball to. "Mr 2nd down" as TSN pegged him. Fitting name.

I do look forward to possibly seeing more Thigpen on O hopefully.

Teams all over the league have numerous weapons and you never hear complaints from them. There's only one football, but they're all working towards one common goal.

Yes, you never hear that. :roll:

Complaining doesnt always mean your selfish and doesnt mean you're not a team guy it just means you want to excel.

I'm looking forward to seeing Thigpen getting more touches this year in various roles. Sounds like he's going to be sent out on pass routes a lot more. And he's promising eight return TDs this year, to match his number. Gotta love the kid's confidence. I'm really pleased that he realizes that fielding punts was a weakness last year, and that he's focused on improving in that area.

Nice article. The excitement and anticipation build! Sounds exactly what many fans here were calling for...

The evolution of the former Hoosier, in his second CFL season, should see his opportunities to touch the football and make plays on offence increase in 2011.

“He is going to have a number of different responsibilities, as receiver, as a running back – he won’t be a quarterback I can tell you that - but he will do everything else,? Bellefeuille said. “He’ll block, he’ll run routes and now with him having a training camp under his belt as a true receiver he’ll be much better.?

“Having this camp under my belt is definitely an advantage, compared to coming into camp late last year,? Thigpen said. “Wherever coach calls for me I will be there.?

Thigpen rushed the football 28 times averaging over 11 yards per carry and caught 20 passes out of the backfield last year, so there is no doubt he can catch the football and be explosive with it, but he is getting back on the proverbial bike for the first time since his first year at Indiana.

“My freshmen year in college I was a receiver so there is really nothing too new, but the waggle is the hardest part,? Thigpen said.

Thigpen is learning to use the waggle or running start at the slotback position to it’s full potential.

“The defenders never know where you’re going and you’re coming at them full speed while they’re at a stand still, so I feel like that’s a win every time, Thigpen said. “You can stem them coming off the line and they have to respect it. I think it’s definitely an advantage to my part of the game because I am a speed breaker.?

Thigpen’s role on offence will continue to grow as he gets more comfortable and polished at the receiver position.
“The main thing I am working on is my routes and being more patient. I catch the ball pretty well -- I’ve had only one or two drops all of training camp,? Thigpen said.

“His route running has improved significantly, he’s understanding coverages and releases more. I think he is already in the process of improving,? Bellfeuille said.

"Marcus Thigpen 2.0" is as comfortable and confident as ever, which will make him a handful for opponents to prepare for and try to stop in 2011.

“The fans are going to see a lot. I’m way more prepared then I was last year, I’m way more comfortable with the whole system here, I know what the coaches want and need from me,? he said. “I’m just ready to go and take on any challenge.?