Toronto Sun - Ticat receivers feeling heat

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Enter rookie wide-outs Aaron Kelly and Bakari Grant and all the sudden the position isn’t as cut and dry as thought. After an impressive rookie camp the newcomers have refused to back down and the team has itself a competition on hand....

Mann has established himself as a player to watch so far in camp. He’s been vocal on the field with teammates at all positions and has turned in some catches that would’ve been highlight reel worthy had they been filmed.

“This is by far the best group of receivers that we’ve had in my three years here,? said Jones. “Whichever way we may choose I don’t think any of them will be weak links.?

Ticats receiver Maurice Mann makes a superb catch during a recent Ticat mini-camp at Ivor Wynne. Several rookies are putting the pressure on vets like Mann as Hamilton's main camp continues in Hamilton.

Nice article.
I have a feeling McDaniel might be on the way out with the way some of these rookies are playing.

From all I've heard here, in the media, etc., you might be right. The thing that might save him is that he's one of our return men. Will that be enough? Maybe. Has the team been giving anyone else reps at returns, aside from him an Thiggy?