Toronto Sun Sports Cartoon.

Found this amusing little cartoon in todays edition of the Toronto Sun. A nice tribute to the 6-0 Riders.
If the image doesn't display here is the link.

Why a dinosaur ???? doesn't make sense to me. Should be a roughrider colourd ambulance :frowning:

i thnk it is very fitting we are ripping, stomping,trampling anyone in our path.however it would be more fitting if the cartoon was a giant gopher

yeah, because a gopher is so intimidating...:lol:

I hate Gainer. Always have. Like really - who wants a freakin' rodent, which is a huge nuisance in this province, as a mascot?

Okay, obviously someone did...but it sure wasn't me...:wink:

Hate Gainer? nah… do we need a new Mascot? you bet
How about some type of transformer beast mascot labeled the “Green Machine”

Then it transforms Viola!!! into an ambulance :wink:

Ok so it was not original :lol:

Ah...spirit meets necessity..."robots in disguise, more than meets the eye..."

Perfect.......Would be nice to get my Gainer Tattoo looking a little more T-Rexish...

No way Gainer rules!

The only other mascots that had it up on Gainer are the 2 birds in the Peg. Do they still have them? They used to be crazy when they would come to Regina for labour day I remember them getting into play scraps with Gainer.

I also remember one of the completely obliterating the other one on a bike once and I almost died laughing. That was years and year ago.

lol....yeh, Gainer in the good old days. Gainers attitude got all Hollywood though when the Riders started chauffeuring him around Taylor Field like some Pope, oh well, I'd be the same way if i had Gainers fame.....

hehehe. I think the T-Rex needs to be on crutches. THEN it would be appropriate. :slight_smile:

I used to have an old sweat shirt that said "Gainersaurus" on it, and in it the "Dino-fied" Gainer was ripping the roof of the top of the grandstand.

Well Saskatchewan is home to the most complete Trex found in Canada. Found in the Eastend area near the Cypress Hills.

Well it is a more fitting mascot than a dog who eats all your toilet paper and dras his butt on the floor. Or 2 short buzzards who can't fly for some reason. :smiley:

Back when i was young, a gophers tail was worth a dime, Gainers tail should be worth a 24 of gopher gopher....