Toronto Sun - Hammer Time for Tiger-Cats

Hammer Time for Tiger-Cats - With addition of Williams and a more aggressive philosophy, Hamilton's defence should be feared

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It says in the story that Renauld Williams played for Calgary, it was Sask.

Here are Renauld's stats from his game in the western final against Calgary last year.

"Linebacker Renauld Williams had a career day to lead the Rider defence in the team’s Western Final win over the Calgary Stampeders. Williams racked up a game high 10 tackles including three sacks in the victory. ??Williams’ three sacks were a career high and matched his sack output for the entire regular season. After the Stampeders jumped out to a 10 point lead early in the second quarter the Rider defence held the Stamps to just one point until late in the fourth quarter when the game was well in hand."

It looks as though we have gotten ourselves a BIG GAME PLAYOFF performer.

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But will that be enough to get people to stop crying about the Zeke Moreno trade? :wink:

Yeah, there's something about him and his football reputation that got's me intrigued and excited. I recall obie describing him to be like a younger, faster Otis. Sounds quite promising. Can't wait to see him in action, especailly flanked by Knowlton and Johnson.

I personally ran out of tears once I realized how great the Count was. Now it's Rey's turn to end my melancholy. I'm looking forward to seeing him in action. :wink: