Toronto Sun: CFL fan survey

This was in the Toronto Sun yesterday:

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The poll was done by the Sun's parent company QMI.

That's about as misleading a headline and subline as I've seen. The whole article basically trumpets the health of the league. I guess those lines get people reading it.

Is there a corporate relationship that should be taken into account here?

I suppose it's one of those polls that they can make it look positive no matter what. I've read it a few times and its misleading - for instance

"Fewer than one in five (16%) of those taking part in a country-wide Leger Marketing poll commissioned by QMI Agency punched in an “interested? rating from eight to 10 on a scale of one to 10"

looks to me like only 16 percent across the country are interested in the CFL - but to the CFL brass that is respectable numbers.

I would like to see one done about the NawFuL, it be likely a lot lower. And it 's a loaded poll to begin with. If you asked that about any sport, there would be a higher not interested than interested.

Provinces with no local professional sports other than the CFL have better support of the CFL than those provinces with other local sports choices. And provinces with teams have better supoprt than provinces without. Really? You don't say.

I probably could have given them those same answers for a lot less money. And I probably could have come up with just as meaningful numbers. After all, 37% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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I thought it was 83%

One thing the NHL will never be able to say is "it's our leauge" because it isn't owned and operated by Canadians nearly to the extent the CFL is.

Anyways it's all marketing, each league markets themselves to fans in different ways.

keep in mind THIS IS HOCKEY COUNTRY!! I’m a cfl fan first and foremost though. hockey runs from sept to what, mid july? I’m throwing the draft and free agency which is almost as big a deal as the actual season. would be interesting to see nfl numbers though. but my point is no sport looks good compared to hockey.

Hockey is just a religion in Canada although just because of that doesn't make it in my books a more interesting game to watch and actually IMHO, it is inferior intellectually to watch than football, far inferior.

If you ask me 50% of the people is pretty damn good in a hockey loving nation. If you notice though.. the Grey Cup always brings Canadians together far more than the Stanley cup does.