Toronto Sun: 'Brownie Man' stabilizes Ticats' O-line

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O’Neill came to the Hammer via Calgary, where he was exposed to George Cortez’s system when the Ticats’ current head coach served as the Stamps’ offensive co-ordinator.

One of the players O’Neill protected was quarterback Henry Burris.

“I’ve known him a long time and I don’t think he’s said five words during that whole time,’’ Cortez said of O’Neill on Friday as Hamilton’s three-day mini-camp came to an end.

O'Neill is a good signing. I saw him play in Calgary and he definitely showed promise. Cortez and Burris are also
high on him, so welcome to the Hammer, Brownie-man!

I think he probably means the "Brawny" man as in the paper towels. Looks amazingly like him!

^^^ Please, no Bounty!